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Vegan for.. what?

This is going to come off as more of a rant than anything else, but its something I’ve talked about with a few people lately. See, I’ve gotten some messages that actually have told me I need to be a better vegan; for the animals. I wasn’t quite sure why they would come at me with this, I don’t eat animals nor do I harm them in any way.

When I dug deeper and tried to find out just what they person was implying it was the fact that my “activism” is lacking and that just talking about veganism isn’t really helping the animals; in their eyes at least. Because I have no photos of me at a protest, or giving water to a pig in a truck on its to the slaughterhouse I guess my veganism is diminished. Here is the catalyst for this post, I could honestly care less what their opinion of my veganism / activism is; they said the animals are more important than health? WHAT?

I sat with this for a while and really turned it over and over in my mind. I’d say I was questioning myself but I wasn’t, I was questioning the ineptitude of this person. I remarked, “Please, tell me how I am supposed to help anyone, or any animal, if my health is shit? Explain to me how my body and mind can function, for the benefit of others, if I don’t take care of it?” I’m still waiting for a response and think they may have even blocked me; shocker!

So in case you are reading, answer me this; if I can’t stand, physically stand upright, how can I stand for anything? How can I stand and fight if I have no energy to fight? You get the idea, right?

Our minds need nourishment as well. Things like running, walking, yoga, weight training, etc all help keep the mind sharp and the body in top physical form. Sitting on the mat for 10-15 minutes a day relaxes the mind and clears it of obfuscation and toxicity. It also relieves stress so when confronted on an issue our candor can be effortless and our words can have meaning rather than agitation.

With that said, I will wrap this up with one final thought. I’ve tried to live by a code of sorts, it’s super simple and helps me whenever I feel like I am judging or coming off as an arrogant prick. Make sure your yard is clear and clean before casting dispersion’s upon your neighbor. Maybe if that neighbor sees how clean your yard is they might try to mimic it; how amazing would that be?

Have you ever been judged on your veganism? What was your reaction?

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