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Vegan: Everyday Stories

veganmovieIt seems most documentaries in the  plant-based/ vegan realm are starting to all melt into each other. It’s hard telling one from the other when the characters are all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that evidence is provided via doctors and reputable scientists, but they are just saying the same thing over and over.

I understand that not everyone has seen every documentary, and it’s good to have a fair amount of them available. You never know where someone is going to start. I mean, my first was Forks Over Knives as I’m sure tons of others have seen it too. Maybe your first was Earthlings. Maybe it was Vegucated, or Food Matters. I would just like something new, something human and dare I say; real. Not that those aren’t but, moving along.

Vegan: Everyday Stories follows four separate characters on their journey to veganism. From a young girl who convinces her family to take on a compassionate lifestyle to a cattle ranchers wife who convinces her husband to convert to a working sanctuary; this film is as real as it gets.

You’ve got some of the usual vegan celebrity suspects such as Moby, Russell Simmons and Ed Begley. Of course there is the plant-based doctor that every documentary needs, Neil Barnard hasn’t been to over exposed yet so I appreciated his appearance.And while he has been pretty exposed on social media platforms, the 300 pound vegan, David Carter, is in the film as well. David is a huge animal rights advocate and seeing him work with Genesis (the young girls who convinces her family) and passing out pamphlets with her was inspiring.

What character really caught me though, was Yassine Diboun. Yassine is an ultra-runner and a solid one at that. I appreciated the honesty in telling his story. From battling addiction to placing in the top 10 at most ultra races, Yassine’s story is truly inspiring, it not only shows what you can do as a vegan athlete but that the heart is truly stronger than addiction and negativity.

If you are looking for something to show your friends that isn’t over the top and doesn’t contain any graphic slaughterhouse footage, Vegan: Everyday Stories is what you should be showing them. They aren’t going to be overwhelmed with research, charts and figures either. What the will see is real people with real stories and how this lifestyle has helped them change their lives, and those around them.

Watch the movie at http://veganmovie.org/

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