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VCG Lunchbox 5.28.17

Wow, it’s been a while since I shared what’s in my lunch bag for work! It’s been like nearly 5 months since the last one… eesh that’s slacking eh?

Saturday I prepped a good amount for the week. I’ve been trying more and more to do that since all I have to do each morning is grab a mason jar full of the prepped food, add some other stuff and I’m good for the day. This week I prepped 4 jars full of rice, kidney beans, Beyond Meat crumbles, spinach and cor. I of course sprinkled quite a bit of Franks Red Hot in but again, it’ll make my life easier when it comes to making lunches every work day this week.

So what do I got today?

Besides the mason jar I’ve got a good salad with some local greens, a banana, apple, naval orange, baby carrots with some garlic hummus to dip them in and some Vega (chocolate) protein powder.

It’s that easy folks, it doesn’t have to be hard and it’s can be quite satisfying.

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