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What The Health; a Review

Having just finished a screener for “What The Health“, I felt like I needed to write something up real quick to give my input and share the reason why I think you, and everyone else, needs to see this film.

Without spending too much time on the back story; Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn, the guys that brought you “Cowspiracy” are the same behind “What The Heath.” While the visuals and presentation is similar, the production has become more polished and eye-catching. And while it may seem too over done, the value outweighs the melodrama. Sometimes you have to put a pretty little bow on the ugliest of subjects in order to get the message across; they’ve done that.

Another glaring similarity is the message; animal agriculture is a big issue and is not going away anytime soon. You’d think that the investigative journalism they uncovered in “Cowspiracy” that it would have created some sort of change; yet the message was not taken to heart. With overwhelming statistics, interview and actual real science is it absolutely mind-blowing that it was not the catalyst for change. Yet, our country votes in dimwits who have the gall to say it isn’t real. But I digress…

I think the major difference with the two films is that one hits home on a more personal level. Let me explain that because for me, and many others, both hit home. But maybe, just maybe, for the climate deniers; this film can be an eye opener to the value of a plant-based/ vegan diet. Why would that be?

For one; health reasons. With corroborated material by some of the top medical leaders in the country, it’s hard to deny the truth that is laid out. You’ve got Dr Caldwell Esselstyn who is one of the most well-known doctors for helping to reverse heart disease in patients using a plant-based diet. Neil Barnard, founding president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, gives his opinion on an array of topics related to plant-based healthcare. You’ve even got the verbose and kinetic Dr Michael Greger who is behind NutritionFacts.org; one of the fastest growing resources about plant-based/ vegan health on the internet.

Besides doctors and researchers, there are also dozens of well-known names in the plant-based scene. If you are on any social media platform, or have seen other documentaries, then you know them. They are endurance athletes (Tim Schieff) , NFL stars (David Carter) ultra-runners (Rich Roll), bodybuilders and FAIO ninjas such as Ryan Shapiro. Having a decent cast of folks who can humanize this lifestyle helps those that think it’s hard to do, they see people who have had success living this way; knowing they didn’t have to give things up, just animal products.

Getting off track a bit but the fact remains, What The Health does come from a different angle besides just parading big names in the community and it will horrify you to learn the things that Kip dug up. You’d think groups like the American Diabetes Association would align itself with legit companies that are trying to impact those suffering from diabetes in a good way. But to find out that major pharmaceuticals are pumping money in and putting their name on research should scare anyone. And Susan Komen being supported by major dairy producers? Seriously, this film will wake up even the most sleepiest of souls, those that believe everything is ok and good intentions are enough; collusion and corruption are not. It’s not a conspiracy theory, the proof cannot be any more clear.

I hope you will take the opportunity to watch the film and that you will share it with your friends and family. The information is important and eyes will be opened if this film is given the opportunity it deserves. Kip and Keegan put their hearts and souls into this and it shows. Find out more at http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/