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Accountability Post Revisited

I posted something very similar to this on via my Facebook page and wanted to add it here (with some embellishment) to not only announce it here, but to share the link for this project.

In February of 2019 I turn 45.

I’ve had this thing the past couple years (since turning 40) that I attempt some ridiculous physical goal. In 2015 I attempted (DNF’d after 20 hours) the Winter Death Race put on by Peak Races in Pittsfield, VT. I finished my first 50k (TARC Summer Classic) trail race in 2016.  In 2017 I didn’t do anything super crazy but I did two Ragnar Relay races; one on the road in PA and another in trails in Wawaynda, NY.

In the Spring of 2019 I am going to run from the Sagamore Bridge to Provincetown, the full length (65ish miles) of Cape Cod!! It’ll be my first 100+k run!

I just received my training plan and start preparing for the Vegan Power 50k TODAY! I can’t wait to get back out there and run.

I’m working out how supported it’s going to be, as well as having some pacers join me on different sections. Since I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago I have had a bunch of people reach out to want to be a part of it.

I’m going to start reaching out to some companies I believe in and see if we can’t agree on some sponsorship opportunities. I’ve already had my first one courtesy Jess Ryle over at Vegan Outdoor Adventures; I am more than appreciative for her support! If you would like to sponsor/ support me get in touch. I will be adding a gofundme soon to cover some expenses and to raise money for causes I believe in; this is a great opportunity to spotlight those so look out for that soon.

If you want to know more, look at the menu above and click where it says “Run Across The Cape” (or just click that link)




I Finished My First 50k!

It’s Wednesday night and I think my legs are finally ready for a run, wow did they ache the past few days…

bib127This past Saturday, I attempted to run my first 50k ultra-marathon. Minus training leading up to the event, I had only run a half marathon distance for my longest. I was certainly out of my element, and looking back, maybe was out of my league. But, being the bullheaded person I am, I showed up at Noon Hill Rd in Medfield, MA at 6am ready to tackle the TARC Summer Classic!

Parking was super simple. This wasn’t like a major production race, instead of thousands of participants and cars, there was just about a hundred and most people carpooled if they could. The check-in table was just ahead of where I parked, a mere 15 foot traipse at that. I got , my bib, #127, went back to the truck to make sure I had everything I would need as the start line was a 1/4 mile jaunt up the dirt-road. Read more