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Squeals, Bleats & Cackles: Peter Nussbaum of Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

Tamerlaine_Farm_Logo_111014I’m still putting together stories from the various experiences I had at this past years Ragnar Relay here on Cape Cod. There are many things left unspoken, especially those moments in the van at 3am… But, that’s another story; or not! One thing is for certain, this story is one I am excited to share. I recently had a lil e-mail talk with Peter Nussbaum, one of the founders/ owners of Tamerlaine Animal Sanctuary

Usually I’d give an intro about the person I’m interviewing, but that’s where all the questions come in. Although I did meet Peter at the race, our encounter was brief. We met at one of the stops in the relay. Anyone who has done a Ragnar knows some of these stops are “in and out” types of stops. But, having seen the shirts the team was wearing, over and over and over again, I had to ask. First, I asked where I could get one, but was told it’s secret squirrel shit so… But, Peter did mentioned some of the other team was “over there” (and he pointed) so I went to chat with them as well. Anyway, onto why you came here… Read more