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So many vegan things on ole Cape Cod!!

It is AMAZING how well things are going right now. I feel like I want to explode with anticipation but I’m really trying to rein it all in; it’s so hard though! I can say that 2019 is shaping up to be a good year so far and we are just over two weeks in!!

I can hint at a few things, just can’t make them super official; call em teasers!

For one, I’ve been working with a company that is promoting the film “Eating Animals” and we will be showing it at the Cape Cinema in Dennis. I am super pumped about this but am a bit nervous. In order to get this all set I have to get “x” amount of butts in seats to break even. I am hoping for more than that though as I want to raise money for Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary as well, so anything past “x” is vegan gravy! The film is a great film, based on the book sharing the same name, it basically talks about the end of factory farming. It’s a great conversation starter and some friends and I are building a nice little vegan platform here on Cape Cod that included a Q&A after the film.

With that…

I changed the name of the group I started. It’s no longer called “Cape Cod Vegan Potlucks” but instead is called “Cape Cod Vegan Events” as I hope to share all of the things that go on here on Cape Cod as far as the burgeoning vegan community goes. There’s all sorts of stuff going on. We’ve got groups like Green Nosh putting on gatherings. There’s Lori and her husband Charlie holding monthly Veg Supper Clubs. Kara and pals have pulled together and created Cape Cod Animal Save. ¬†We’ve got Barb putting on vegan potlucks and we have a growing number of vegan makers such as Kaya aka Cape Cod Gypsea! There is so much going on here on Cape Cod!! It made sense to change the name of that group to help promote everything, we are all one community and it behooves us all to share events and cross-post; so that’s what is going on.

As far as the potlucks that I was putting on, yes I will be putting them on again and soon I hope. I’m really working on a consistent venue though and think I’ve got a decent one, just need to lock down the details. As I get more on this I will share and hope to see you guys back at a potluck again!

There’s something in the works (hopefully) for Spring/ Summer that may resemble a Veg Fest/ Vegan Makers Market. This is the beginning but with some work we can make this a reality. A very driven young vegan, Ariana, is driving this project and it’ll be great to see it happen!

Still more news? Heck yes there’s more! While I am chipping away at the first Vegan Cable Guy podcast, there may be some “radio broadcast” news coming soon. I’ve been asked to be part of a new project that will go out over local Cape Cod radio and I can’t wait to share more. There will be a few of us and we will be chatting about local things going on, sharing stories with listeners, maybe talking recipes and even some activism sprinkled in. It’s going to be amazing; this was the BIG¬†teaser!!

I feel like there’s something missing but WOW I can’t believe the progress this amazing community is seeing and I’m psyched to be a small part of it!!


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