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SHVP & Maple Farm Sanctuary

maple farm sanctuary logoAs you may or may not know, this coming May I will be running the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay with a whole bunch of amazing people. These amazing people are all part of the Strong Hearts Vegan Power Team. At each Ragnar that the team runs, they raise money for a chosen beneficiary. This year Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon, MA is the chosen beneficiary and we need your help to make the final donation a big one. Here’s a bit more about SHVP and Maple Farms Sanctuary, taken from the GoFundMe project they have put together.

“Strong Hearts Vegan Power is a competitive vegan running team dedicated to both physical and social advancement through the vegan lifestyle, athletic development and varied means of activism. Through our running accomplishments and team exposure, we seek to further the cause of animal liberation by establishing ourselves as respected ambassadors for ethical veganism and athleticism.

In the summer of 2013, two friends decided to check out this crazy race series called Ragnar. It’s a 200-mile course split between 12 people, and this one in particular went up through the Adirondacks. With that as a basis, they gathered up an all-vegan team, and with a driver, took on the autumnal hills with a positive attitude and placed 26th out of 200+ teams, with the team comprised of runners of all abilities. That was the start of Strong Hearts Vegan Power.

The real growth came as we eyed the 2015 Cape Cod Ragnar. As word spread, our numbers grew, and where it was once a team of 12 runners and 1 driver, we were now looking at 36 runners and 6 drivers, all bringing a message of ethical veganism and athleticism. After an intense 24(ish) hours, the A Team placed 5th overall, and 3rd in the Mixed Open division. The three-team setup carried over this past fall when we returned to the Adirondacks, and with a “home-court” advantage, the A Team placed second overall, and first in the Mixed Open division, with even more new faces (many of them either new to veganism or to running).

We’re now getting ready to take on the 2016 Cape Cod Ragnar with 4 (yes, FOUR) teams of vegan athletes. That’s 48 vegan runners and 8 dedicated van drivers, keeping our runners safe and on track!

Our beneficiary for the 2016 Cape Cod Ragnar Relay is Maple Farm Sanctuary. Maple Farm Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary providing lifelong homes for abused, abandoned and unwanted farmed animals while promoting veganism and respect for all life through public information.

Maple Farm Sanctuary has taken in a fraction of the billions of farmed animals that are bought, sold, tormented and slaughtered by the meat, dairy and fur industries. Learn more about their lifesaving work at www.maplefarmsanctuary.org

Please consider making a donation in support of team Strong Hearts Vegan Power and Maple Farm Sanctuary.

For the animals,
Team Strong Hearts Vegan Power

Chris Cooney, Sean Scott (captain), Peter Nussbaum, Alan Dumond, Pulin Modi, Micah Risk, Samantha LeBlanc, Kendra Murphy, Adrian Centoni, Joseph Burns, Ian Sherlock, Giuseppe Cavallo, Dana Portnoy (co-captain), Aaron Zellhoefer, Meghann Wilson, Skott Daltonic, Jay Phillips, Laura Gardner (co-captain), Samuel Hartman, Lia Belardo, Suzie Constantin, Rachel Atcheson, Scott Spitz (captain), Lauren Harper, Nate DeMontigny, Heather Ryan, Joan Albert, Jessica Ryle, Sheila Bailey, Alex Shopov, Carrie Howerton, Joel Capolongo (captain), Lauren LaPierre, Marie Gryszowka, Brian Hahn, Lana Stafford, Erin Jaskiewicz, Christine LaDuca, Brian Smith, Aaron Bell (co-captain), Candace Bell, Melissa Centoni, Joe Stawiarz, Rachel Wellner, Kaitlin Long (captain), Jeremy Ritz-Totten, Jordan Black, Michael Harren, Honey LaBronx, Molly Wason, Jason Young (co-captain), Carrie Hineline, Casey Johnston, Nicholas Broat, Jasmin Singer, Sheera Witt”

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