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Running Reset… Again!

A couple of months ago I got a new treadmill to train on. I normally am not a huge treadmill runner but I wanted to run more frequently, and with the winter being so cold, I thought it was a great training tool to purchase.

Immediately after setting it up I ran and I got this amazing feeling as I was running faster than I ever thought I could. I was crushing my old 5k PRs, I smashed a 10K PR and was crushing any number I had ever seen, stat wise, with my running. My previous 5k PR was 28 minutes (I think) but on the treadmill I was killin’ it at 20 minutes. My 10k time was just under an hour and now I was doing 43 minute 10k times. WHAT?

I had this feeling, this impending doom type of thing and knew I would have to come back to Earth at some point, I just didn’t think it would be an injury that would cause it. I’d rarely dealt with shin splints but I was starting to battle those and then my right achilles really started hurting, badly! I had issues with my achilles before and just took a couple weeks off and I would be good. This time it’s been over a month! I have so much going on that I have to run, I have goals to achieve.

Rather than get down on myself, I decided to do some proper things and go have my gait analyzed and look for a proper shoe; not the one’s I like but the one’s that work. I went to see the fine folks at Marathon Sports┬áin Yarmouth. I’ve been following a local runner, Justin Torellas, for a while now and was psyched to see him working and able to help me. After making some observations, one being that I’ve been wearing the wrong size shoe for years, he brought out some shoes to try. After shooting the shit for a while and talking about some shared interests (yes he’s vegan too) I decided on the Hoka Bondi 5’s at size 9.5 not the 9 I thought I was.

I got the shoes home, laced up and went out the door. 30 minutes later, and 3 miles down, I walked back in the door. It’s a am zing what happens in a month when you don’t run or train at all. I was winded and the run sucked. I was miserable the whole time. My feet felt great though and here I am 24 hours later with no achilles pain whatsoever.

Unlike going into the treadmill training like a madman, I’m taking today off and am going to ease back into training until I can build back up to a daily run schedule. I’ve also got to shed some of the weight I added over the winter. Not only did I add some “winter weight” but I was on a muscle building program and went over my goal by about 10 pounds. Oh and eating less junk food might help too. I’m trying a more anti-inflammatory diet and may even do a 72 hour water cleanse.

We shall see though, I’m just excited to be running again!

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