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Running for Something

I’ve been running for a few years now.

I started out running for my immediate health. My cholesterol was off the chart, especially for someone my size and weight. I had to do something, or I would continue to spiral downward and eventually end up hoping that a defibrillator would bring me back from the brink. That’s not a life I wanted to live. I’ve run from the grim reaper long enough; it was time to run toward him, taunting him.

As you can read in my “about” page, I begrudgingly learned that running wasn’t enough. I had to make dietary changes, so I went plant based. Within a year I dropped my overall cholesterol by 66 points, no meds just food!

In another middle finger in the air moment directed at the grim reaper, just about 6 months ago I got hypnotized and finally quit smoking. 25 years of addiction gone with some mumbo jumbo talk that I never thought would work, yet here I am.

I’ve always run under the team name that I am an administrator for, the New England Spahtens. Even if it was a small, local 5k I made sure I was always respresenting the team in some way. Whether that was a shirt, a wristband or a buff; there was no guessing who I was running for.

I’ve never understood how members of the team ran under the umbrella of something else; until now. You see, we have all sorts of people who are part of the Spahtens. Some of them run as Team Mike McNeil, others for Team RWB and some for a variety of teams/ causes. I always looked at them as taking away from what we were doing. That was until I started feeling like my running needed purpose. In a small way, I had already unknowingly started doing so. My latest Spahten drill shirt, which can be customized to have our names on the back, I had put #runsonplants instead of my name. Inadvertently, my running for something had already started.

In 2016, it’s my hope to “run for something” more than just my immediate team. I will still happily run under the Spahten moniker, but my lifestyle has taken a a wide turn since going plant based. The #runsonplants on the back of my jersey is just the beginning. The races I signup for will count more as I will raise money for some of the causes I have grown passionate about.

I’ve always said I will not be preachy here on OUI, and that not going to change. That said, as my lifestyle changes and evolves, so do the reasons I do certain things. Soon I hope to have some exciting news on who I will be running with and for.

I’ve run for me, it’s time to run for someone else.

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