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Running For Something: Redux

This past September I wrote “Running For Something.” The short and tall of it hinted that this year, 2016, I would have more of a reason to run.

In the past, I ran as part of one of the largest obstacle racing communities, The New England Spahtens. It was only until recently that I was on the admin board of the team as I was one of the founding members. During the last year with the team, I ran as part of our mens team during the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay. I fell in love with the format of the race and enjoyed the camaraderie of the team during our time together.

IMG_0176From the beginning of the race I had seen another team that had some snazzy shirts; The Strong Hearts Vegan Power team. They seemed to be everywhere! It wasn’t until the stop at Nauset High School in Eastham that I had the opportunity to talk to them and see what they were all about. I walked up and introduced myself to Peter Nussbaum. I obviously knew what a vegan was, I was just unfamiliar that this particular team existed and that they were this large. Like many people at this pit stop, Peter was off to find some relief and pointed me toward some other teammates of his. I met Scott, Julie and Kathleen and they gave me more of the low down on the team.

Here’s the low down about SHVP.

“Strong Hearts Vegan Power is a distance running team dedicated to both physical and social advancement through the vegan lifestyle, athletic development and varied means of activism. Through our running accomplishments and team exposure, we seek to further the cause of animal liberation by establishing ourselves as respected ambassadors for ethical veganism and elite athleticism.”
strongheartsWhile I do not consider myself elite, FAR from it actually, I am humbled to say I will be running as part of Strong Hearts Vegan Power during this years Cape Cod Ragnar Relay. I appreciate the fact that they wear their hearts on their sleeve, both literally and figuratively. This is a cause I can get behind 110% and I am honored to have the opportunity. My plan is to train like crazy so I can run my ass off during the race. I also hope to pick my new teammates brains about their experiences with veganism. This is going to be a learning opportunity for more than just the folks that say, “hey, what’s with the shirts.”

As 2016 goes on I hope to write more about my training for this race and maybe feature some of my teammates throughout the year. I hope to also rock some SHVP gear at a couple of the ultras I have on my radar for the year.

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