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May 17, 2018
Wow it’s been a bit since I updated. Seems I bit off more than I could chew with the treadmill and pushed myself too hard. I ended up injuring my right Achilles and have been dealing with some shin splints. I’ve been running outside again, back to my normal pace, and only using the treadmill for speed work or days that I cannot make it outside.

Regardless, the Vegan Power 50k is in exactly a month and although I’m not 100%, I will be as close to that as possible come race day and will finish. Obviously I will take a short period of time off after but will possibly reach out to a coach and have a 100k plan put together. I am aiming for the “Run Across The Cape” to be end of summer/ fall of 2019. I should be good and ready! Will report back after VP50k!

January 19, 2018
It’s been over a week since my last update and things are going along great. While I haven’t been hitting the mileage exactly on point, I am running on the days that I’m supposed to be. I figure one more week and I will be able to completely adhere to the training plan. While I’m getting used to running after three months off, I am going for a minimum of a 5k distance each training day. This week I bought a treadmill so I don’t have any excuses. Yesterday I matched my third fastest 5k time and today I crushed it and got a PR of 22:48. That’s not super fast but it’s an amazing time for me and I hope I can keep it up!!

January 10, 2018
This thing just got super real! Today I received my first ever running plan. I reached out to friend, and SHVP teammate, Laura Kline to see if she had any tips or anything like that. What I got back was an amazing running routine that will help me increase my mileage and run the Vegan Power 50k with confidence and more importantly; proper training. I’m excited, and a little scared, to start training again and am so appreciative of Laura for helping me out and prepare for VP50k.

January 1, 2018
This past winter I’ve been on a bulk to add some weight and muscle mass before getting into a regular training regimen. With the help of a workout plan from Conscious Muscle, I have added over 15lbs of weight and muscle. I’m someone with a super fast metabolism so to achieve these numbers is amazing for me.

Mid-March to early April of 2018 my running will be ramped back up as I prepare for a 50k, the Vegan Power 50k. After that I will be “off and running” as they say as only 1 year later I will be making the attempt to run across Cape Cod!

December 25, 2017
What a Christmas today was!! I have my first sponsor. Thank you to Jess Ryle over at Vegan Outdoor Adventures. I’ve known Jess for a couple of years now and she is an amazing person. She is a leader in the Strong Hearts Vegan Power running community and her work for animals with Vegan Outdoor Adventures is admired and envied by many. Thank you Jess, I appreciate your support!

December 20, 2017
This page was launched

Why Run Across Cape Cod?

For a variety of reasons.

  1. 2019 will see me turning 45 years old. While some people think that that number is “old” (and maybe I joke about it with my wife too) the fact is; I’m just now coming into my own physically and mentally. I want to prove to myself, and those around me (as well as the world at large) that 45 is just a number.
  2. To inspire my children that if they set a goal they can achieve that goal. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing is. This will be a lesson in grit and resilience. It won’t just be about the run itself but everything leading up to it; the planning and training will be exhaustive but worth it.
  3. Surprise… I’m vegan. There I said it!  Being vegan doesn’t mean I have to sit around the house waiting for my protein deficient body to wither away; that is just propaganda. I’ve already completed a 50k as a vegan, done multiple Ragnar Relays with my friends at Strong Hearts Vegan Power, completed OCR races, etc. Besides running the VP50k again, this run will prove that vegans of any age can set attainable goals and conquer them, no matter what their background is.

I’m going to prove that you can do anything you set your mind too! If you want to read more about my background and how far I’ve come over the past few years CLICK HERE


If you’d like to sponsor this event, please e-mail  me at vegancableguy@gmail.com