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9/27/18 – After a disappointing spring / summer season, plans are being put into place to get training moving forward for this attempt. I have a lot going on at home but hope to find solace in training and move forward with my goal. 

Why Run Across Cape Cod?

For a variety of reasons.

  1. 2019 will see me turning 45 years old. While some people think that that number is “old” (and maybe I joke about it with my wife too) the fact is; I’m just now coming into my own physically and mentally. I want to prove to myself, and those around me (as well as the world at large) that 45 is just a number.
  2. To inspire my children that if they set a goal they can achieve that goal. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing is. This will be a lesson in grit and resilience. It won’t just be about the run itself but everything leading up to it; the planning and training will be exhaustive but worth it.
  3. Surprise… I’m vegan. There I said it!  Being vegan doesn’t mean I have to sit around the house waiting for my protein deficient body to wither away; that is just propaganda. I’ve already completed a 50k as a vegan, done multiple Ragnar Relays with my friends at Strong Hearts Vegan Power, completed OCR races, etc. Besides running the VP50k again, this run will prove that vegans of any age can set attainable goals and conquer them, no matter what their background is.

I’m going to prove that you can do anything you set your mind too! If you want to read more about my background and how far I’ve come over the past few years CLICK HERE


If you’d like to sponsor this event, please e-mail  me at vegancableguy@gmail.com