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Review: No Meat Athlete

no-meat-athlete-book-coverIt’s rare to have a complete book that aligns with everything you strive to be, and I’m not shocked that Matt Frazier was the one who wrote it. I have followed Matt’s blog/ website, No Meat Athlete, for quite a while now. This past year, at the Vermont Spartan Beast World Championship, I even saw a runner wearing a NMA shirt. It seemed that Matt was everywhere I was. Heck, I even follow his podcast, it’s great listening out on a run.

What I have liked about Matt’s approach is the simplicity. Whether it’s a recipe for an energy bar or a smoothie, the instructions are simple and open to interpretation. His love for animals is not over the top and militant vegan like, I appreciate someone who cares but isn’t beating me over the head with his “Mercy For Animals” membership card..

So, having had time to sit down and read the book it’s great to see a continuation of everything I’ve already known about him, and more. The stories of some of his triumphs and even the sincerity of his failures are refreshing. His writing style is down to earth and he’s not trying to overwhelm you with science. He eats for results, and his results have shown that what he eats, and how he treats his body, works for him.

I appreciate he has brought in athletes from many different background to contribute to this book. It adds a lot of legitimacy to those that may not follow Matt as steadfast as some of us. To have Ed Bauer, a well known vegan bodybuilder, as part of the book is tremendous. And how much more legit can you get than to have Brendan Brazier pen the foreword?

There are some great tools for beginners on the plant based path, or even for those that have been a part of it for a while and find themselves falling off. Matt guides us around a grocery store, he tells us what to avoid. Honestly, most of us know to stay away from the processed junk anyway, but Matt explains why to those that maybe do not know.

If you are looking for recipes, those are here too. There are more than plenty of recipes to help in your training, including making your own gels for mid to long runs. Not only is there recipes for athletes, quite a few of them can be made to serve to your family too. Like I mentioned before, he keeps things basic and leaves it open for you to spice things up for your own palate, so don’t hesitate to tweek what you need to tweek.

He’s written some great training plans not only for 5k’s but all the way up to a half marathon. It’s broken down as simple as it can get. Physical activity, nutrition, rest; it’s all there. You should have no reason why you cannot accomplish a goal.

Matt, umm, you forgot the 50k training plan though?? You can inbox it to me though! lol

Is the book groundbreaking? No. That said, we all know what a plant based diet can do for you by now. Those books have already been written. The one’s I want to read are the one’s that are written by real people. I want to know they struggled. I want to know they fought. I want to know they succeeded because they had the heart to follow the direction their mind had chosen. That is what this book is about, heart and you can tell it means a lot to him.



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