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Review: Eating You Alive

I feel like “Eating You Alive” took a while to come out, it had been pretty hyped up for some time. While they were in the beginning stages of the film they were soliciting folks for personal stories to share. Three years I had sent them an 8 minute clip of my story which was not chosen so I made the video public about, oh, 15 minutes ago. It’s an awkward video so I can see why they didn’t pick it.

Unlike a lot of vegan/ plant-based documentaries, there are not many moments in EYA that leaving you cringing. With that I mean there’s little to no footage of animals being killed which is a far cry from films like “Earthlings”. This film stands up without that and approaches the topic from a health perspective. While we all want the general public to understand the suffering that animals face every day, there are other approaches that work and “Eating You Alive” speaks in a way that is more genial than in your face.

You’ve got some of the usual suspects in this film like T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr John McDougall, Dean Cornish. There are a couple new faces, at least when it comes to documentaries go. One of them, Dr Michael Greger, has a growing following as he presents evidence based studies that prove plants can not only keep disease at bay but can sometimes reverse it. He started an amazing website called Nutrition Facts and like I said, has a following that expands by the day. He is also the man behind the book “How Not To Die” which is worth a read on your part.

There are also a couple of surprise folks in the film like Samuel L Jackson, one of Hollywood’s biggest bad asses! Who would have known he was vegan? I guess it makes sense because the dude just keeps getting more and more badass as he ages. Penn Gilette, from the magic duo Penn & Teller, shares his story and talks about things we all know; that big industry is what controls our food and keeps us sick so we can buy into the big pharma scam.

Another big name that is involved with EYA is film maker, philanthropist, deep-sea explorer and vegan activist, James Cameron. His wife Suzy joins him in the film as well. After viewing the film “Forks Over Knives” they both became vegans and went full-bore into the lifestyle. They even helped fund the first vegan school in America.

The big take away from “Eating You Alive” is the same message your mom always told you growing up, “You are what you eat.” If you eat garbage then you feel like garbage and are susceptible to toxicity. If you eat well there is health and abundant happiness. The choice is simple.

Find more info at: https://www.eatingyoualive.com/

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