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Has it really been 5 years?

2016-logo-125x60Wow; time flies!

5+ years ago I started running and tomorrow, 5 years to the exact date, I will be running the first race I ever ran; The Mighty Meehan. It’s just a 5k, but I remember that when I signed up the fear and trepidation were legit.

As a new runner I was not only concerned with how I would perform but would I look like a runner? As I ran would I make weird faces? What does a runner even look like? I’d never run a race before so, would I finish?

I was already setting myself up for disappointment and I sure as heck was overthinking it. I’m not going to recount the whole day, looking back now I know what I did wrong. It wasn’t how fast I ran, or slow for that matter. It was the fact that it mattered and it shouldn’t have. Just starting a race at 37 years old was a feat for me, so I should have looked at it as a positive. I should have realized I’d been running 3+ miles for a bit before hand and this would be no different, it might even be easier as it was a super flat course.

In the end, I ran and felt more accomplished than I ever had. The noise fell away and I reflected on the fact I set a goal and did it. Since then I’ve set loftier goals like finish and ultra-marathon, finish and obstacle course race, compete in a death race, etc. I did all of those and pushed my body and mind harder than I could imagine.

Tomorrows goal is a simple one; finish. If we are going to add something to it though, which the OCD in me is trying to do, let’s beat my time of 31:33 from my first time on this course. I am shooting for 28 minutes, not to lofty but doable as I’ve done that before. Can I PR? I’d love that even more.

So let’s see what the day holds, I know what tonight holds! Some pre-race carb loading with pasta, homemade sauce and tofurkey Italian sausage.

See you on the flip side!


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