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Ragnar Week

Along with my teammates, this Friday I take on the Ragnar Relay Cape Cod. The race starts in Hull, MA and ends in Provincetown, MA. Ragnar says the mileage is 200ish, so that’ll be fun!

Working as a cable guy on the outer and upper Cape, I’ve seen this race run for multiple years now. To be honest, I always thought it looked fun but never thought I would even attempt it. That changed when I started running and now I am ready, and looking forward, to the challenge. My friends have done it, my teammates have done it and they all agree on one thing; it’s one of their favorite races to run each year.

I have leg 10 (12.8 miles through Plymouth), 22 (3.7 miles through Brewster into Harwich) and leg 34 (1.6 miles in Truro). My first leg will be at roughly 8pm so a night half-marathon is the plan there. I banged out my last long run, 10 miles, a couple days ago and feel good. I should be able to hold my projected pace and allow the stronger runners to keep theres as well. My hope is to not be slow and cause them to have to make up the time.

The plan now is maybe one more slow and short run and to eat nutritious meals. Of course there’s that whole hydrating thing too!

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