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Quick Bites #7: Beyond Sausage

Remember the hype when Beyond Meat released the Beyond Burger?

Remember how hard it was to get one?

I live on a man-made island, the wait was terrible! Insufferable even!

Months ago Beyond Meat hyped up the Beyond Sausage; What?

“How long is that stuff gonna take to get here,” I thought?! It wasn’t super quick, but it was much quicker than the burger. The first time I “saw it” at my local Whole foods it was already sold out and I sulked away…

Last week I scored a package though and for me it was the right flavor, the hot Italian. I prefer just about everything with a little spice so I was excited to get these home. It was going to be a couple days before I got to eat them but finally I slapped all four of them on the grill.


I only added mustard as I wanted the sausage to speak as truly as it could, it needed mustard though; every sausage needs mustard.

Unlike some of the other companies that claim their product is a sausage substitute, the fact they are gluten based is evident. The Beyond Sausage is not gluten. It is not made from soy. Like the burger, it is pea protein based. The first thing I noticed when I bit into the sausage was the familiar “snap” when biting through the casing. The other companies lack that snap.

The flavor was spot on; not super spicy but it tasted like a sausage. I would have liked a bit more heat, especially because these will be my go to for jambalaya! The texture was softer than I remember a sausage being, which for me was good as that sometimes could get kind of nasty being all hard and gristly. The grill up nice over an open flame, I can’t wait to cook these up for some non-believers!

Man it’s so amazing to be vegan!

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