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Quick Bites #4: Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie

I’m trying to make better choices when I’m at work and driving around from job to job in my van. Years ago I would stop at a fast food place or a convenience store and just fill up on the crap they are peddling. It’s easy to fall into that trap fast and quick, it’s part of the reason I pack my lunch everyday.

There are some days though when I eat all the food I’ve packed and I’ve been working hard and need more sustenance. My new best friend is the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie!

I’ve had a bunch of flavors so far including the pumpkin during the fall (can never get enough pumpkin flavor) and I love the lemon cookie. I have this weird thing with lemon. You see, my mom would always bake me lemon cakes on my birthday. She made it every year because from what she knew; I loved lemon. Mom, sorry, while I’m satisfied with the flavor of┬álemon it’s not a “to die for” type of thing. So maybe it’s a subconscious thing that I like lemon? Either way, it’s one of my favorite flavors; thanks mom!

These are no joke cookies though folks. They are not energy bars. These are more of meal replacement / protein supplement before anything else. A full cookie is two servings and packs 16 grams of protein and a whopping 360 calories. I did call them a meal replacement but they are not in the sense that you should eat these to lose weight. The amount of sugar alone tells you that, 24g if you eat the whole cookie.

Honestly, who doesn’t eat the whole cookie though. The cookies I’ve had have been moist and chewy; seriously they could be dangerous if I kept them stocked in my house. Though I do hope I work near the supplement store tomorrow because now I am really craving these! The major bonus here is these things are legit vegan and the ingredients are good.

If you want to try them out, right now you can get 20% by using the code BA55986 at LennyLarry.com


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