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Quick Bites #2: Divvies

My family and I just got back from spending three days and two nights at the Wolf Creek Lodge in Fitchburg, MA. While I could bellyache about the trip all day long, I already posted a review on Trip Advisor and will leave my comments there. There were a few good things about the lodge though, specifically the ropes course and the water park. And although the water was chilly, it was fun enough to get past it.

One of the evenings we went looking for a sweet treat in hopes to find something vegan, and tasty. Having already eaten the sub par buffet that evening, my dinner consisted of a basic salad and tater tots; it was with great trepidation that our quest for dessert began.

I walked past the ice cream area slowly just to see if I could find anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, that I could enjoy. Hidden in a basket, I spied some prepackaged goodies and sharpened my gaze to try to read the packaging. Low and behold I spotted the v word on the package. I could see a variety of cookies and stuff like that but what caught my eye was the chocolate chip sandwich. I asked the person behind the counter if I could read the packaging and she grabbed it for me.

The company that makes these confectionery delights is called Divvies. They are based out of New York and seem to have a really good supply chain, even some local shops here on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Per the Divvies website “Divvies Bakery is the magical land of “YES!” for many with dietary restrictions to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.” While I don’t have a restriction in my diet, I choose not to consume animal products so it’s nice to see these guys are available. I remember the Lil Debbies chocolate chip cookies and how the vanilla frosting inside was so decadent. Divvies has brought back the childhood flavor, for me at least, and I am grateful to be able to enjoy these again.

But alas, the package of three has already been eaten and now I am just sitting here sad and without cookies…

I could always order them! YAY! Yes, you can order right from the site and the prices are extremely reasonable considering most vegan cookie companies charge quite a bit more as the ingredients cost more. Once my wallet replenishes itself from the Xmas holiday extravaganza I will surely be placing an order. Divvies are my new favorite sweet treat!


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