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PlantPure Nation, Final Edit?

12107808_10153757386022845_4453994871148328060_nFor a while now, I’ve been helping to promote PlantPure Nation. I even got my Kickstarter copy of the film in the mail yesterday, woot! PlantPure Nation is a film by T. Colin Campbell’s son, Nelson. That will be made evident time and time again within  the film and the marketing. It makes sense to build upon the successes his father had, the science that he provided is as solid as any thing published. Nelson expounds upon the facts and takes the information his father gathered and runs multiple clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of it.

I got to see it a couple of nights ago here on Cape Cod. The cinema it was hosted in was sold out, which was great. Afterward there was a fantastic Q&A.

The film follows groups of folks who take on a 10 day plant based jump start. The findings are way better than expected. The folks involved in eating the foods are able to take themselves off certain medications because they have reduced their risk of heart disease, cholesterol, etc. I’m not quite sure the exact number, but over ten days most people dropped their bad cholesterol by 50-60 points. That is huge!

After all the trials, the info is gathered and Nelson and Tom Riner, a Kentucky member of the House Of Representatives, prepare to try and get some sort of initiative passed that will show the benefits of such a program. We all can safely assume what happens when the bill/ initiative gets in front of voting members of the house, especially those that are bought and paid for by big agricultural companies.

I was able to see this film when it initially toured as a pre-screener this past July. It was raw but the facts definitely stood on their own. It was my hope then that they added some OOMPH to the film. You can talk stats all day. Science is a wonderful thing. But, I felt like that light switch moment was missing. Even a bit more animation and jazzing it up would make the film that more polished.

Maybe it’s because I’ve already been exposed to the truth? Nope. A few family members of mine came out to support the film, and I asked them to come see it because of it’s valuable information. I got the same thing from them at the end. “It was good, ” they said, but, and I hate to say it, was somewhat of a snoozer. They understood the film but felt like it was all over the place. One moment they were talking about this bill, then they were talking about Mebane and the clinical trials and then talking about the Campbell family. There still remains to be some cohesion.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an extremely valuable film and YOU SHOULD SEE IT! Im’ not writing this to talk negatively about the film. It’s important, the world needs to see it. I just hope that this is not the final edit and that they maybe use someone besides Steve Forbes to drive the point home. But as Nelson Campbell states in the film, “Revolutions can’t start without awareness.” This film most certainly does that, it raises awareness people might otherwise not have heard on their own.

Check out the trailer below and go to the site at http://plantpurenation.com/


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