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PlantPure Nation’s Kickstarter is LIVE!!


From the folks that brought us Forks Over Knives comes another project, PlantPure Nation. Yesterday their kickstarter page went live and they are looking for your help in raising funds to bring this film around the country. Why is that important? It’s important because people are going to need to see this film. It uncovers a truth that so many will never see unless given an opportunity suck as this.

Go to the Kickstarter page here: PlantPure Nation on Kickstarter

Synopsis taken from PlantPureNation.com

“The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. When nutritional scientist and author T. Colin Campbell inspires Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet, they inadvertently set in motion a series of events that expose powerful forces opposed to the diet. When industry lobbyists kill the pilot program, Dr. Campbell’s oldest son Nelson decides to try his own grassroots approach in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina.

Nelson Campbell worked with Rep. Tom Riner to build on this non-binding resolution by developing and introducing House Bill 550, which mandated a pilot program that would document the health benefits of a plant-based diet. But once the bill went into committee, industry lobbyists woke up to the threat posed by the initiative. What followed was one of the most intensive lobby efforts ever in Kentucky. As the bill’s sponsor Rep. Riner put it, HB 550 was watered down to “a shadow of its former self”, turned “from steel to Reynolds Wrap.”

Nelson hoped to demonstrate that a whole foods plant-based diet would lead to significant and measurable health improvements in just 10 days. He also wanted to demonstrate that such a diet would be easy to follow and indefinitely sustainable.

Using an approach consistent with the mainstream values of his hometown, he started small, offering ten-day “jumpstarts” of freshly prepared plant-based meals to 16 local influencers including a business executive, a journalist, two physicians and a local farming couple.

How would these rural people, many of whom were raised on southern comfort foods such as meat, potatoes, biscuits and gravy, handle a plant-based diet? Would they lose weight and get healthier? Would their families and friends accept their diet and lifestyle change? Could this be the spark of something even bigger? Can a nationwide health revolution actually begin in a town as rural and small as Mebane?

Beyond Mebane, PlantPure Nation explores the topical issues of the small family farmer, food deserts, modern medicine and the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process.

Their success in both places motivates them to join hands in an effort to right what is surely one of the greatest wrongs of our modern age. Together, Nelson and Rep. Riner launch a plan to expose the forces that stand in the way of a wider recognition of the healings powers of a plant-based diet.”

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