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Oh, Hi There: Reprised

More time wasted and not enough spent here, I swear I’m trying to fix that.

The thing I’m getting hung up on is this: where do I want to take this website?

Do I want to keep posting film, food and product reviews? Maybe infrequently interview a vegan athlete or activist? Do a race write up? Those have become few and far between because of the off season. The focus has been erratic at best and there doesn’t seem to be any fluidity or even any sense of cohesion. I used to write every day for my old blog (Precious Metal), which was 5 year ago at this point.

It definitely feels like a website more than it does a blog, and I think that’s the direction I’m headed.

I’m debating on going back to that blog format, whether that be here or back on Precious Metal. It was more personal and I felt like I could share more on there. These past few months I’ve returned to some of the spiritual roots I had planted back in the early 2000’s. New growth has bloomed and I find myself searching for enlightening concepts, whether those are mental views (meditation, learning) or physical connections through movement and breath (yoga, running).

Going back to the blog format I feel like I will post more. When I was blogging before, and I had a random thought during the day, I would just share it. Nothing was planned, nothing was forced. Vegan Cable Guy feels forced. The moniker doesn’t feel as forced as the website does. I mean, I am the Vegan Cable Guy; it’s what I do. But keeping that going as a brand (wishful thinking) is not something I think I can continue with. Considering I spend money on the domain, hosting and even pay to make sure malware doesn’t infect the site (or infect your system) I just don’t see the benefit.

Sure, I see the benefit in sharing my vegan story but I can do that over at Precious Metal. All those posts I was mentioning earlier, I have friends that run sites and I’m sure I could share that info with them and their readers. I’ve recently started helping with the Strong Hearts Vegan Power website. Going back to the race report thing, it’s easy enough to just share that info there seeing as it’s more relevant.

I did reviews on Precious Metal so why not bring those over? I did interviews on Precious Metal. The thing is, there isn’t a ton of draw here for me to keep VCG going.

I’d love to read your input though.Does this site do anything for you? What benefit have you gotten from it? Anything?

If I did got back to Precious Metal, would you follow me over there? So many ideas to weigh.

In the meantime, I do have a post coming for a documentary I recently saw. So, there’s that! What do you think of all this?


  1. Barb Lambdin says:

    Random is fine. Recipes, books & documentaries are good.
    People are asking about the “Eating Animals” movie. are there plans in the works? I’m glad to host a group.

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