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Neat, Not Just a Meat Alternative

neat_tacosTaco night is a big one in our house, as I’m sure it is in most homes. We’ve tried quite a few of the f’meat crumbles out there. We’ve had the Morningstar, Smart Ground and Boca. Up until now, Boca was our go to crumble, especially on taco night. That all changed though.

Neat is quite different than your average crumble, because it’s not really a crumble. Neat is a powdered mixture of only 7 ingredients compared to the average 26 in an already “crumbled” crumble. There are no preservative and no added fillers, the ingredients are very intentional for what the product was designed for.

IMG_5613This can be prepared one of two ways, either vegetarian with eggs of vegan with an egg substitute. The awesome thing about Neat is if you go the vegan route, they have a product called the Neat Egg, which I used to prepare these. The Neat egg is only two ingredients; chia seeds and garbanzo beans. Again, nothing hidden or unintentional, just good clean food product. So I whipped up two eggs worth as that’s what the recipe called for. After mixing it, it did have a very egg-y consistency.

IMG_5614I added my Neat Egg to the taco mix and soon enough it was ready to go.

My pan was already preheated and I used a tiny bit of vegan spread to keep it from sticking. To be honest, it might not have, I just thought I’d be better safe then sorry.

This cooked up pretty quick, and by the time I had my carrots and celery cut up, and the table set, dinner was ready to put together.

Simply enough, I crumbled a little bit into a shell and topped with some Daiya cheddar shreds and it was off to the races. OK, I added some Franks Red Hot, but I put that $h!t on everything. I plated some for my two boys and they dug in.

IMG_5615I’ve mentioned it before, my youngest is super picky. He actually does this weird pukey face when he doesn’t like something, it drives me up the wall; but I digress. His smile was booming and he devoured his tacos with a big thumbs up. My oldest son, who is peeling over my shoulder right now, loved them as well. He said they are better than the other f’meat products we have tried and can’t wait to have them again. Neat, you guys nailed it!

I also had the opportunity to try out the sausage mix. I made it for dinner breakfast a few nights later. What? You don’t have breakfast for dinner? Why not?

Anyway, it prepared very much like the taco mix, and again, I made it the vegan style. Instead of crumbling it though, you patty it up. It makes about 4 decent sized patties. I had to keep an eye on these as they cooked really quick, the last thing I wanted to do was burn them. So, keep an eye on them when you try em. I had an odd feeling they might be somewhat dry from how they cooked. I did prepare them the way the package called for, but definitely had to use a little extra maple syrup when we ate them. Minus that minor issue, the flavor was fantastic. It reminded me a lot of a falafel breakfast product, it had the same taste and texture.

Final word, I love Neat and they have made my family into big fans. Can’t wait to try out the other couple flavors. I have yet to find this in a local store, so it looks like it’s off to Amazon in the future.

You need to check out their website at http://eatneat.com/ because their story will blow you away. They’ve taken compassionate business practices to a new level. Thank you, Neat, for being special people who truly care for other people.


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