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MEME Monday 8.28.2017

I’m sure you can all relate to the image but I LITERALLY felt like this the other day.

I went to buy bread at the local Stop And Shop. They were out of the stuff I like and that I have verified 1,000 f*cking times that it has no stuff in it because, well; I have to. Since they were out this meant I was now invested in some research.

I started reading ingredients. Milk in this one, honey in this one. Milk in that one, honey in that other one. Just for good measure, there was even some that still have azodicarbonamide in them as a levener, who does that sh*t anymore? Some had eggs. You know the drill, keep reading…

Finally I found a loaf from Arnold’s (not all of them from Arnold’s were “safe”) and was able buy some dang bread. It was an overwhelming sense of elation that washed over me. The sun had shone on this dark bread aisle and alas, I was able to walk away and make a sandwich.

What kind of sandwich you ask? Oh just a few slices of Tofurky Roast Beef, a slice of Follow Your Heart  Provolone, a little tomato and lettuce w/ some Just Mayo and a smidge of mustard. All was right with the world at that moment. And then I realized Trump was still president.


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