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Meme Monday 7.23.2017

This excuse gets me all the time, “Veganism is just too extreme for me!”

If you seriously think eating plants and foods that are just as similar as your every day foods, than you are just making excuses to live an unhealthy, and an non-compassionate life.

Don’t get me wrong, you can be a vegan and be unhealthy too. There’s tons of stuff you can eat like Oreo’s, ice cream, chips and all sorts of garbage if that’s what you are worried about missing.┬áIt’s not extreme to give a fuck about your health.

If it’s meat you are missing than I ask this; why? Is it taste? Because if that is the reason you can simply use those same spices to flavor up your meat on a piece of seitan or tempeh. It’s not extreme to give a shit about animals.

What is extreme is to know that what you are eating is killing you and continuing to do it, knowing full well at some point in your life you will have a health disaster. Cholesterol kills. It’s not anything your body needs extra of, it produces plenty of it’s own. Saturated fats? Yea that chicken breast has plenty, so much so that all that sugar you eat can’t be absorbed and now you get diagnosed with diabetes.

According to the CDC 1 in 4 deaths in the United States is due to heart disease. The same one that, if diagnosed early, can be treated by opening up your chest cavity and having a vein from your leg transplanted into your heart; as the meme states. EXTREME DUDE!

Normally I write more about the memes in this series of articles, but this one really speaks for itself.

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