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Meme Monday 10.17.2016

same-slaughterhouseSometimes a meme can be amusing, other times they can be outright frustrating, This weeks meme falls under the latter end of the spectrum; it’s about “humane meat” and is frustrating as all hell that some people believe it is a real thing.

Even for the least sensible human being, those two words put together should not make any sense. Somewhere along the line, they’ve been told the lie that “humane meat” is compassionate and the animals are taken care of better than those at industrialized factory farms. They will argue with you until they, or you, is blue in the face with frustration. In the end, they just don’t get it.

“Humane meat” is still the end result of another sentient beings death, there is no way around. Do they think at all that maybe that cow or that chicken didn’t want to die? Maybe they were hoping for a future of peace and tranquility, just living there days without worrying when the knife would slide across their throat.

Is there anything about death that is humane if one is not suffering, yet instead is happily enjoying their lives?

I’m sure it makes them feel all warm inside knowing that the dead chicken carcass on their plate was given the “good feed” and was given plenty of room to walk around. Or that the cow’s milk they are drinking came from one without antibiotics or other junk the big ag companies feed them. What they don’t want to hear about though is that cow’s milk belonged to its calf, not them. The same calf that was stolen from that cow at its moment of birth. I wonder if they ever heard a mother cry when their baby was taken away. Human, cow or whatever species of mother you put into the equation, they all cry for their babies when they are taken away.

Is it humane to put a mother through that type of misery?

99% of you reading this are already vegan, or are on your way. You probably already know all this. But for the 1% know this, there is nothing humane about meat. Death is death no matter how you define it, and no one want to die before it’s their time.

There is no such thing as humane meat, NO SUCH THING!



    • Nate says:

      I was vegetarian on and off for nearly a decade before finally moving passed it and going vegan. Change doesn’t happen over night, if it’s something you want you will work it out and get there! đŸ˜„

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