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Life Changing Event

Before I make this admission, which a few of my friends and readers already know, please check your pre-conceived notions and condescension at the door. I don’t need to hear from your high horse how bad I am/was and what was happening to my health, because, you see, I already knew it…. And you are perfect, you have never struggled with anything right?

For years now I have struggled with cigarettes. I’ve been smoking them since I was 14-15 years old. I’m now 41 so that’s quite a few years of habit time invested in this crap. Here and there I’ve had a gap where I haven’t smoked, and I have been aided by the patch or the gum. One thing that always happened was that I ended up going back to smoking. It was the simplest thing to do.

There were so many triggers throughout my day that it was difficult to stop. Whether it was an after meal smokes, a smoke when I got into my work van or the “date” smoke when my wife and I got outside for five minutes of peace. It was safe and convenient to go back to what I knew, and that was smoke.

I’ve always thought hypnotherapy was a sham, but at this point I am/was willing to try anything. My new doctor recommended a woman, Paulette, from the Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. So, I made the appointment and already my brain was playing tricks.

ID-100174021 (1)“This will never work.”

“Why not give up now, you’re just going to light up again.”

“C’mon, you know you want to!”

I’d had enough though, and I swore as loudly as I could that this had to work. I am so sick of battling this addiction. I need to quit.

Hell, how can I go on living this lifestyle of fitness and plant based nutrition when I am consuming one of the worst toxic products on the market? Umm, well because it’s addicting! It’s not just the nicotine, it’s all the other crap too. There are over 600 chemicals inside of a cigarette, and when burnt create thousands more. Hell, there’s even SUGAR in cigarettes. They try to sneak that junk in everywhere they can.

Anyhow, it’s now been 36 hours since I last smoked, and my session ended with Paulette. She is absolutely amazing and I would recommend this path to anyone who believes they have tried everything. If you are a disbeliever, so was I! I thought it was hippy dippy stuff, I thought it was some hokey BS to be honest. I am SO on board with hypnotherapy now though.

I don’t even want a cigarette, at all!

There is no craving, no anything.

I even had her work on another habit of mine, and that was nail biting. I am brutal with my fingers and maul them daily. I have yet to have even a nibble.

Hypnotherapy works!

I am absolute living proof of that. I was so entrenched in addiction to tobacco, and nothing else worked. This did and it changed my life. Thank you, THANK you and THANK YOU, Paulette. You’ve given me my life back!

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