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Lake Wawayanda or Bust!

EXTREMELY early tomorrow morning (as in like 7 flipping hours from now) I will start my journey (5 hour drive) to Wawayanda Lake in New Jersey. What for? Only my fourth Ragnar Relay with Strong Hearts Vegan Power.

“But Nate, you do these all the time; why is this one different?”

Let me tell you!

Wawayanda Lake is part of the Ragnar Trail Series. Rather than cram into 2 vans with 6 racers (12 racers total), you camp out with 8 racers. Rather than running from point to point, Ragnar creates three different loops varying in distance. This one has the red loop at 6.7 miles, yellow at 5.1 miles and the green loop is 3.9 miles for a GRAND total of just under 18 miles in less than 24 hours.

Again, rather than drive point to point, racers run different loops . As they finish their loop they tag the next runner to start their loop. This goes on and on all through the day and night. Each racer has to finish a lap of each loop. Depending on what runner you get depends on when you do each loop. I’m pumped that I will do mine from hardest to easiest. I’d much rather get the distance done and out of the way so I can really push myself to finish strong on a shorter loop.

When we are not running we get to eat all the vegan food! My wonderful wife, once more made a couple loaves of her AMAZING vegan banana bread, I made my BBQ seitan ribs and I picked up 5 boxes of Tofurky slices. Everyone is tasked with bringing a variety of items so their will be all sorts of goodies. I can’t wait to try Dana’s Toasted Marshmallow GU Rice Krispie Bars! Ya, you read that right!

More importantly, when we are not running we get to spread the message of ethical veganism. We were lucky to have been chosen to win the REI outfitted campsite, what that means is prime location. Foot traffic should be at a high and we will be super visible. Not that a whole group of people in black with the words “Vegan Power” emblazoned on our clothing isn’t visible enough. The location will afford us time and opportunity to do things right. Thank you to Ragnar and to REI for hooking us up.

If that doesn’t answer what makes this race different, check out the video below and pay attention at the end; our team from last year makes a cameo!



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