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More Than Just a Sandwich

IMG_9077I posted this pic on Instagram with the caption, “I know, it’s just a basic sandwich with hickory smoked Tofurkey, a dab of Just Mayo and some baby spinach, but today it was more than that. I miss sandwiches! I miss the convenience of being able to eat it while driving from job to job and for a variety of other reasons. I also came to be realization that although I missed sandwiches, it didn’t mean I couldn’t have them. I just had to adjust, adapt and make decisions based on compassion and health. For those reasons I am having a f*cking sandwich and it’s fantastic in its simplicity.” #vegan #veganpower #eatingveganiseasy #plantbased #plantpower #whatveganseat #itsavegansandwich

One of the biggest excuses in the non-vegan playbook is “it’s to hard, I’d have to give up everything I like to eat.” Now, unless you really, truly enjoy eating the rotting flesh of an animal, than it can’t be that hard. But, for the sake of argument, say you do “have a hard time.” The simple sandwich in the photo is something I have missed.

I don’t crave meat, not in the least. What I miss, as I said above, is the convenience. I guess it’s not just that though, I miss sandwiches. I can eat wraps all day, but nothing beats a sandwich. I’m as blue collar as they come, it’s the little things that impress me.

My point is, everything and anything can be veganized. The things you used to love don’t have to be given up. Like I said, I used some hickory smoked Tofurkey slices and some Just Mayo for the spread. I could have jazzed it up and added some sprouts, maybe some tomato; it boring, I get it.

My son loves bagels. For a while he hasn’t had cream cheese. A couple days ago we were at Whole Foods and picked up some Toffutti. Well, we are now on our second or third container of it. What I’m getting at is that there is so much more out there than what you think. You won’t miss them when you find all the great alternative products.

Being vegan is more than just lettuce and berries. It’s more than just food. You don’t have to give up your favorite things, just the suffering they caused.

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