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Huge Day Tomorrow!!

spartanfenwayHaving moved to Nashville last year, I missed the first Spartan Race at Fenway Park. I was beside myself, I am a huge Red Sox fan and a huge fan of the Spartan Race series. It would have been awesome, but alas I was unable to make it.

Fast forward a year, my family has moved back to Massachusetts, the Sox won the friggin World Series and Spartan Race is going to be there again tomorrow. And, so will I!!!

That said, the task ahead seems a bit daunting. Minus a couple runs and a day training at Unleashed in RI, I have done nothing but work and sit on my rear. I am hoping, HOPING, that this test set before me is another spark to get me going again.

While I am fearful of the day, I look forward to it, and look forward to reporting back on how it went!!

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