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Guest Recipe: Mozz Cashew Cheese

If you live on Cape Cod and are vegan or veg you surely know how hard it is to get a good pizza that is dairy free. There are a few places that will allow you to bring in vegan cheese and they will make you a pizza. Dennisport House Of Pizza is one of those places, just bring in an unopened bag and within 15-20 minutes they will whip you up something. There is also JD’s in Provincetown that makes it with Daiya, but what about something from scratch that’s a bit more “artisinal”?

You can head to Pizza Barbone in the center of downtown Hyannis, on the bustling Main Street strip. They make an in-house cashew cheese that is absolutely to die for. Anytime a vegan friend visits the Cape and asks where to go, I always recommend Pizza Barbone. It’s where I go all the time so it only makes sense, right?

One thing I’ve been wanting to do here on this site is share some local recipes, not only so you can try to make them yourselves but so you can go to these places and try them out yourself. I’ve been super sporadic about it and only had one post before this and that was for African Peanut Stew from 141 Bradford in Provincetown. With a little bit of focus, I’m back to asking local places again and already have another one on tap soon after this one.

I’ve been coy about asking for this recipe though, but I’ve wanted to get it to share with you all for a loooong time. Well, on my last visit I asked and within minutes the chef came out with the recipe and allowed me to take a pic of it.

It was that easy the whole time?

This recipe is in grams and each ingredient is weighed precisely. I tried messing around with conversions but after going back and forth with the chef I stopped and realized you can’t mess with perfection; and this stuff is just that. So, the recipe is as is and if you attempt it, I’d love to see how it works out for you. I’m set to order the ingredients myself and give it a shot soon!


Cashew Milk
150 grams soaked or boiled cashews
4.5 cups water
8 grams soy lecithin
6 grams acidophilus powder
2 grams nutritional yeast

5 Cups cashew milk
22 grams kappa carrageenan
2 grams citric acid
100 grams tapioca starch
10 grams salt
330 grams coconut oil

Take all the ingredients listed under cashew milk and blend.

Blend the rest of the ingredients listed under mozzarella with the cashew milk

Heat in pot over medium high heat, will separate but us a hand blender to bring back together.

Scoop into balls or pour into pan to cool.

Are you going to give this a try? Do you have a scale to weigh the ingredients?

Thank you Pizza Barbone for sharing this recipe, I very much appreciate it!!

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