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Freakin’ Out Friday 9.2.16

Sometimes the content just provides itself…

I had nothing planned for today’s post, and was sad that it was looking like I had nothing. I am sitting on something to post, but am waiting on permission for use of the recipe I’d like to share from a book I am flippin’ out for. Seems the intern that sent it is maybe not working at the publisher anymore and now the main contact is dragging butt? Not sure, but I hope they get back to me soon.

Today was back to school haircut day, and I was feeling like a bit of a hippy myself, so the boys and I headed off to our favorite cut place; Karma & Company in Harwich, MA. I’ve written about them before and I really love this place. It’s local and the people there give a damn, which is important. The fact that the products they use are all plant-based is huge.

chandrikaSo, while waiting for my youngest son to get his hair cut, I looked at around at some of the products they were selling. I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s soap for a bit now after running the Vegan Power 25/50k and it being in our giftbag. I like it, but I’ve wanted to buy more and it’s über expensive stuff. Hey, I’m all for paying extra for quality, but it’s beyond my range for bar soap. Any ways… I saw some soap-bars and read the ingredients. I picked up some Chandrika Sandal and for the price, I had to grab 2 bars!

When I got home I did a bit of research on Chandrika and found out this:

Founded in 1940, called ‘Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap’ when it was not a fashion to call products ‘Ayurvedic.’ ‘Chandrika Soap’ is made with pure vegetable oils such as purified Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, and Patchouli oil; it does not use any animal fat or products. ‘Chandrika Soap’ is not tested on animals.

I love that they have the guts to say they were doing it before it was cool, how ya likin’ that shade you fad following f*ckers? What I really like is this, “Using the income from the business Sri. Kesavan Vaidyar set up a number of institutions so that people who were not as fortunate as he was could benefit from his good fortune.”

I love the smell of sandalwood and while I sit here typing, it’s all I can smell after trying this out during my shower. Yeah it kinda has that hippie stank to it, but it’s sure as heck better than patchouli (sorry my patchouli wearing friends, not sorry). As long as Diane at K&C can keep this in stock, I found my new soap!

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