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Freakin’ Out Friday 10.7.16

justranchToday was a “two-fer” so I haven’t had too much time to settle in and get this post done. It was super gorgeous outside and I’ve been dying to get out on the trails again. With all the training leading up to Ragnar, it’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve been in the woods. So I did that and then a few hours later got in a decent workout in my ever-expanding home gym.

Mid-day I was reminded of something I’ve been freakin’ on for a couple of weeks now. I filled a bowl full of carrots and poured out a little ranch. You see, that’s the sh*t; the ranch! VEGAN ranch!

I’ve tried some other companies ranch dressings and no one has hit it yet; NO ONE! One company was a little too thick and was more like cream cheese than ranch. Another was like water and it was like dipping a salad into soup. Neither of those had a flavor that resembled ranch at all. One of them, a leading brand in vegan dairy items, tasted super synthetic and I honestly tossed the bottle after trying it one time. It was nasty!

During one of our breaks at Ragnar ADK we stopped at a Target in hopes of finding Hampton Creek’s Just Cookie Dough. We had a major success on that front and most of us bought a jar. Since I do not have a Target close to my house, I figured it was an opportunity to see what other Hampton Creek products they had. They had a few of the salad dressings, including ranch!

When I got home after the weekend and was unpacking all of my stuff I cracked open the ranch and tried it.

It was delectable!

It was heavenly!

It was absolutely, marvelously, extraordinary!

It was ranch!

The texture was there. The flavor was there. The thickness was spot on.

Blessed be, ranch is back in my life!! Thank you yet again Hampton Creek for absolutely hitting a product on the mark. I can’t wait to try more!

ps. I also grabbed the Just Thousand Island and it was glorious too!!!

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