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cowspiracyed. note: Just caught word this will be available for viewing on Netflix starting September 15th!

We’ve all seen the undercover investigation videos. The one’s that show you the horrifying torture of animals. You know, the stuff that nearly makes you either want to vomit or bury your fist in someone’s face. Even though the title entails this could be THAT film, it is far from it.

Rather than shock and disgust you, Kip Andersen (the man behind Cowspiracy) wants to blow your mind with staggering facts and downright scary figures. We all know where your hamburger came from. It was first a harmless cow that was enjoying it’s life, maybe hoping to continue grazing the fields and basking in the sun. Instead, it was torn from it’s herd and had it’s throat cut before being ground up into chuck for that hamburger. But, did you know all the other stuff? Like how much water it took to bring that one burger to your plate?

How about this:


That’s staggering right? So, would you rather give up those 32 showers or maybe just eat something else? The choice really is that simple, and the rest of the film proves just that. The truly horrifying thing is that environmental groups, the one’s rallying around climate change, don’t seem to want to talk about the things that Kip seemingly has uncovered here.

He goes to the Sierra Club’s Bruce Hamilton for an interview. It is going swimmingly until Kip asks about the impact of animal agriculture when it comes to global warming. Unfortunately, Bruce’s response is sub par at best, “well, what about it?” I was flabbergasted, that is his response? It wasn’t just him. Heck, Greenpeace didn’t even want to talk to Kip. It’s almost like these big environmental groups knew all about it, but it didn’t fit into their self righteousness so they blew it off. God forbid they have one last cookout.

Kip brings in a variety of experts and scientists who have proven that by switching to a vegan/ plant based diet we can begin to reverse the damage we have done to the planet starting TODAY. We are seeing record droughts in states like California. Most states, by the end of summer, are looking at regulations to deter full on water usage. You are asked to not water your lawn between such and such a time, etc. Makes you wonder, how are we using all that water? Beside meat how can we get more water?


Got milk now? Forget meatless Monday, how about no dairy Tuesday? Ok, that’s meant for tacos, how about no dairy weekends? Now that’s a commitment eh? A gallon of milk is equal to 16 cups of milk. Those aren’t just drinkable cups, those might be the one’s you use in your cereal, in your smoothies, etc. Most households, I’m assuming, can tear through a gallon in a weekend. Not buying that gallon just saved 880 times that amount in water. Amazing isn’t it? And maybe you will open your mind, and taste-buds, to something yummy like cashew milk instead!

There is so much more to the film than just charts, graphs and witty little factoids, there is real science here folks. Science doesn’t always come in the form of a white coat. Sometimes it comes in the form of someone who has  a passion for something and runs the numbers, does some tests, etc.

The facts speak for themselves folks. I beg of you, please order this film and watch it. I implore you, take the time to see just how simple it is to change just one thing and make an enormous impact. Please, go to http://www.cowspiracy.com/ to learn more and order the film.



  1. Ellie says:

    I want to see this so bad! I listened to an interview with Kip on the Rich Roll Podcast. He was very inspiring and intelligent. It’s people like that who are the pioneers of our movement.

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