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CCVD Highlight: Jamaican Jerk Wrap

I’ve driven past it a bunch of times. I’ve gazed at it as I drove by wondering if what they were saying in a couple of my Facebook groups was true. It couldn’t be, it was in what a not so awesome location in a not so fantastic part of town. Even though it’s a chain, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe has been calling me and finally I answered.

Last week my wife and I were trying to think of a new place to try some food out. Here on Cape Cod it’s rare to find something new, it’s mostly the same old usual seafood style restaurants, etc. A light-bulb brightened above my head and off to Hyannis we went. My wife was filled with trepidation, honestly so was I. But, we relinquished our judgement and figured we’d try TSC out.

tropicalsmoWe pulled up and I parked the stinger in the front (it’s my truck, it’s yellow so ya, it’s stinger ok?) and we walked in. Wow, we were both shocked at the decor and how clean the place was. Unfortunately, our judgement had got the best of us and I know I was feeling a little shameful for it. We looked at their extensive wrap and sandwich menu and again, were impressed. Besides a couple veggie designed meals, you could also sub Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips in any of the wraps or sandwiches that had chicken.

My wife and I both ordered dishes that required the substitution, I had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. On the menu it lists the wrap as:

Grilled chicken, southwestern rice with corn, black beans & asparagus, red onions, low-fat mozzarella & Jamaican jerk sauce in a flour tortilla.

I also had them hold the cheese and the wrap became completely vegan. They offered a couple of sides with it. You could have chips, fruit cup, piece of fresh fruit (probably an apple, it was never explained what you get) and a kale w/ apple slaw. I asked, yet was bummed, that they used a honey dijon in the kale w/ apple slaw so I had the fruit cup. With any meal, you could add a 24oz smoothie for $3!! Ya, 3 flippin dollars! I had the Avocolada (w/ avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime).

My wrap was fantastic. It’d been a long time since I had anything jerk flavored and I forgot how much spicy goodness it had. Like I’ve probably mentioned, you could spice up a flip-flop and I’d eat it if it had enough heat! I love hot stuff! Anyway, the wrap was fantastic. I wasn’t sure how asparagus would work out in the wrap with all that other flavor, but it added a good amount of freshness and snap that I appreciated.

The staff was all super nice and were very accommodating to all of our needs and did it with a smile on their face. They even came over to check on us, which they didn’t have to do as it is a counter service cafe. My wife and I concurred with one another, we will be back!

Check them out at:

489 Bearses Way
Hyannis, MA 02601

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