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CCVD Highlight: Falafel Wrap

Made from a combo of ground up chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and a variety of spices and herbs, falafel might very well be a food sent to us by the Gods. Hands down one of my favorite things of all time is falafel. If there was one last food to eat on earth, this would be my choice; if I were so lucky to make that choice.

So, that said, until now we didn’t have too many options for falafel here on Cape. There’s Ardeo which is a Mediterranean restaurant that is local, but I don’t want to sit down, or have to order a whole platter just to get some tasty falafel. Ardeo’s is good and all, but… I’m sure there’s a place or two that I’m missing that also serves it, but no one has bowled me over enough to remember; until now.

kapekababfalafelEnter Kape Kabab. Touted as an “eclectic blend of Middle Eastern and American cuisine”, Kape Kabab is somewhat new in the Dennisport area. They are in a spot that has seen tons of businesses come and go over the years. Here’s hoping they can stick around for a bit because I absolutely love their falafel.

During Christmas we held a family get together and the owner gave me a good deal on a falafel platter. There’s a good amount of my family that hasn’t tried falafel, and knowing how good it was from Kape Kabab, this was the opportunity to have them taste the best! One of my nephews is the pickiest of eaters. His palate is as basic as they come and is typical of a kid his age. He loves nuggets and fries. Vegetables and anything good for you makes him gag; literally! So I was blown away that he was the one that was absolutely crushing the falafel platter. There was a point I had to ask him to slow down. Needless to say, it was a hit.

Kape Kabab is not a veggie or vegan joint, it’s extremely meat heavy as you can imagine. But the falafel is cook all on its own and doesn’t share the same fryers. The point of this “column” here on CVG is to point out options at local places for veggie/ vegan visitors. I know I’m still finding them, so to have something like this is hopefully going to be helpful. Not only do they have an amazing falafel wrap (made with Lettuce, Tomato, Parsley, Turnip Pickles, Tahini Sauce) but they have a falafel platter that comes with you choice of hummus, tabooli or grilled potato. They also have some slamming tabooli salad.

Make sure to drop in on your next visit and tell him the cable guy sent you, I always lunch there when I have a route in Dennisport. Oh, the prices are extremely fair. The falafel wrap is just $5 and change!

They are located at:
613 Main St
Dennis Port, Massachusetts

and on the web at:

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