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CCVD Highlight: Buffalo Tempeh

I’m going to try to launch something new here. Each week I’m going to pick a favorite meal from a place locally and try to give it some exposure. That place may or may not be a strictly vegan/plant based restaurant. I know as I’ve made the transition to a vegan lifestyle, dining out has been a challenge. It’s getting easier as I find places that are opening up to vegans.

This past summer, a local Cape Codder named Joanne Irwin put together the Plant Based Chef Challenge here on Cape and a bunch of restaurants joined in. It was an amazing thing and showed that there is a market for plant based/ vegan items on a restaurants menu.

IMG_8825Here on Cape Cod we are limited on vegan/ plant based options. There are a couple places that are friendly, but really only one that is solely vegan/ veggie. This week, for the first post in this series, it made sense to pick a meal from the only vegan/ veggie strict place; The Green Lotus. I wrote a little thing up RIGHT HERE about the Green Lotus a while back, so I’m not going to retell the tale.

My boys and I had lunch at the Green Lotus yesterday and I ordered one of my go to’s, the Buffalo Tempeh. Priced at a measly $8.88, this sandwich is made of organic soy tempeh smothered in Buffalo sauce, lettuce,tomato, bleu cheese dressing on house-baked 7 grain. I did say this is a vegan/ veggie restaurant so if you are vegan, you have to ask for it to be veganized which they can do for any menu item. It’s a pretty simple sandwich, but I am a lunatic for spicy food and anything buffalo flavored. The bread is made in house and is fantastic. There is nothing really to say about this except I highlighted it first because it’s my favorite.

The Green Lotus also has fantastic smoothies and juices. Pictured is the Blueberry-Beet-Kale smoothie which is beets, blueberries, ginger, almond milk, kale, banana. Yum!

Check out their website:

Or stop by at:
349 Main St.
Hyannis, MA. 02601


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