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CCVD Highlight: Black Bean Burger Wrap

12479074_705891809513604_936938919_nIf you follow me on Instagram you know how I often I pull a route in the Provincetown area. It’s one of my favorite place on Cape Cod. It’s outer beauty, its inner beauty. It’s people and the openness in which they live their lives whether they are straight, gay, trans, black, brown, white, blue, man, woman or whatever. It’s the one town that anyone can be anyone; all that matters is happiness.

And just like you can be and or meet any person, you can find just about any type of food. The options for vegans is pretty wide. Whether its finding a niche item in an omni restaurant, to finding a smoothie joint; vegans can eat and drink from one end of Commercial Street to the other.

That said, my favorite place of all on the Outer Cape is 141 Bradford, which is located, you guessed it, at 141 Bradford St. The have amazing food that is prepared each day, including a hot bar. They have fresh pressed juiced and smoothies galore. Today though, I am just highlighting one item, I’m sure there will be more in the future.

The Black Bean Burger Wrap is one of my favorite things to eat on this planet!! Yeah, the WHOLE planet. OK, ok I haven’t been everywhere on said planet but if I had, I know this will continue to stay toward the top. It’s got a homemade black bean burger in it with lettuce, ¬†tomatoes a pickle and more. I love that they add the pickle as it adds a surprise flavor every time you bite into it.

It’s got a nice kick and a great smoky flavor. The wrap is very filling and is perfect after climbing up and down ladders all morning, it gives me plenty of energy to power through the second part of my shift. The bonus is I can take it to go and park on the bayside and enjoy the view.

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