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cowspiracyed. note: Just caught word this will be available for viewing on Netflix starting September 15th!

We’ve all seen the undercover investigation videos. The one’s that show you the horrifying torture of animals. You know, the stuff that nearly makes you either want to vomit or bury your fist in someone’s face. Even though the title entails this could be THAT film, it is far from it.

Rather than shock and disgust you, Kip Andersen (the man behind Cowspiracy) wants to blow your mind with staggering facts and downright scary figures. We all know where your hamburger came from. It was first a harmless cow that was enjoying it’s life, maybe hoping to continue grazing the fields and basking in the sun. Instead, it was torn from it’s herd and had it’s throat cut before being ground up into chuck for that hamburger. But, did you know all the other stuff? Like how much water it took to bring that one burger to your plate? Read more

It’s Not Meat, it’s BEYOND Meat!

beyond-meat-logo-300x300Plant based and vegan foodies love a good veggie burger. Sure, there is plenty of great plant based whole foods out there, but our programmed minds want to chomp into a good burger from time to time.  Right now, we are in the middle of the summer, which is BBQ season. Why can’t us plant based/ vegan folk get in on that BBQ action?

It’s taken me what seems like forever to get my hands on some Beyond Meat Beast Burgers. My local Whole Foods, in Hyannis (MA), is the only joint that carries them, and the couple times I was there, they were out. It doesn’t help that I am on an island, a man-made island, but there are only two bridges to get of this sandbar so, there’s that. We are not to progressive here on Cape Cod. I had to put my name down to get some, and it felt like an eternity before they got a shipment in.

feistybagv3highresrgbIn the meantime, I was able to score some of the Beyond Meat Beefy and Feisty Crumbles. THAT NIGHT we had to have tacos. The Feisty Crumbles we’re nearly jumping out of the bag on into the skillet to get warmed up. I cooked up based on the instructions, added them to my shells, sprinkled some Daiya on and tried not to douse them to much with Franks Red Hot. Hands down, this is the closest texture wise to “real” meat. They were not to dry, although I did add some water when warming them up as I’ve found most plant based/ vegan crumbles dry out pretty quick. The flavor? Soooo on point! I am a taco connoisseur. If it’s spicy, or has a hint of zippiness, it takes precedence over any food for me. My mom was born and raised in Louisiana, and though I was the first to be born back in the North, I swear my taste buds were made for spicy foods. Read more

Convenient Compassion

Cecil-the-LionI am having a hard time understanding how so many people that are disgusted by a dentist who murdered Cecil the lion, yet are so willing to turn a blind eye to factory farming and the treatment of animals that are raised for food. Yes, Cecil is an icon of sorts, I see that somehow that makes him more special than all the other animals on the planet.What’s burning my ass is the fact that you so conveniently jump on this dentist, yet sit down to a pulled pork sandwich that came from pigs raised and butchered at Smithfields. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this investigation done by the Humane Society.

And how about the chickens that are injected with so much garbage so they can produce bigger breasts for human consumption. As long as you don’t see it, it’s good right? Ever wonder why you haven’t heard about that either? Try out this link and read what they go through so you can enjoy that nice, juicy chicken breast for dinner.

Your convenient compassion is pedestrian, at best. If you are going to stand up for a cause, be inclusive. What I mean is this, all animal lives matter. Whether it’s Cecil, the pig, the chicken or a cow. They all live and breathe. They are all sentient beings that breathe life in and out through lungs similar to our own. Stop pretending like your diet enables you to look past the suffering of so many animals.

Is it a shame that Cecil was murdered? Absolutely! Should more be done to stop trophy hunting in Africa? Absolutely! But what should be another absolute is that all animals suffer at the ignorance of humanity who someone think our sentience is more important than theirs.

Get off your temporary soapbox, and turn off your convenient compassion. If you aren’t going to stand for all of them, you can’t cherry pick when it fits your needs.

How to Optimize Protein With a Vegan Diet

I’m reposting this great infographic from Health Perch. Think this diet/ lifestyle is too hard? Try Meatless Mondays, then start integrating more veggie meals slowly. It’s not hard. If a ravenous carnivore like me can do it, you can too! And, bonus, your health will thank you. I dropped my cholesterol 66 points in less than a year just switching over, no meds or magic, just plant based food!

How to Optimize Protein With a Vegan Diet
“How to Optimize Protein With a Vegan Diet” on Health Perch

Congrats, Scott Jurek!

scottrecordWhat else is there really to say, other than congratulations!

Scott is an inspiration to so many already, including myself, this feat just raised his profile even more so. He has proven the human spirit is capable of anything. He has proven that the body, with proper training and nutrition, can achieve greatness at any level.

As plant based folk, we can all rally behind the fact he has been plant based for 16 years. But, I don’t want to minimize his accomplishment and say that should somehow be the rallying cry. Sure, it’s a slap in the face to the protein myth folk, but this achievement is so beyond one’s protein intake or the amount of carbs. He did what worked for HIM, that is what mattered. He set out to achieve this goal, as icing on the cake of an amazing endurance running career.

There are folks out there that are also questioning his time on the trail. They say he was too quick. They say he missed the point of a thru-hike. What? Are you the Appalachian Trail police? Does he have to do it a certain way to meet your qualifications? What are those qualifications? How about this, you worry about you. Let others achieve their own goals. Let other’s choose to live their lives the way THEY want to without your holier than thou attitude.

Scott, and I doubt you will read this, what you have done is beyond the pale. There are only a few that would even conceive of the idea to attempt this feat. You are an inspiration to many. A hero to more than a few. Us mere mortals bow to your greatness and cannot wait to read about your adventure. When does the book come out??

I stumbled upon awesomeness!!

So I am out of my usual Vega protein that I really love. I have a tub of Garden Of Life though so I check to see what else I had. There it was… some Vega Accelerator. The simple equation hit me, add the two and maybe, just maybe, it’d taste like a creamsicle. Vanilla and tropical flavors should at least be close right? It worked and I am a friggin genius! (just kidding, not kidding)

Recovery done right!!

vegagardenoflifeOrange Creamsicle

2 cups water
1 scoop Vega recovery accelerator (tropical)
1 scoop Garden of Life raw protein (vanilla)
6 ice cubes

Shake it up and BAM!! Liquid gold!


Veganism, are you doing it wrong?!

Passion is a good thing.

It gives you purpose.

It drives you.

But sometimes, it can make you seem like a condescending a-hole!

I’ve known vegetarians and vegans my whole life. I’ve met a wide range of personalities within both lifestyles. Most are caring, kind and considerate. That said, the one thing that seems to be growing in the movement though is the righteous indignation of those that somehow think their cause is better than others.

I was listening to a new podcast today that was recommended to me. I couldn’t finish an entire podcast! Yeah, the vitriol for anything non-vegan was palpable at best. I listened to this podcast episode in particular because one of the hosts had run with a team of runners at the recent Ragnar I ran. I also met the folks she was running with at one of the stops. None of them seemed as catty as the women in this podcast.

Read more