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Food Review: Lightlife Smart Deli Bologna

I was extremely psyched to find this item. I’ve been getting sick of peanut butter and jellies, peanut butter with bananas, hummus with spinach & cheese and cold grilled cheese sandwiches in my lunch for work. I knew there were alternatives to deli meat, but some can get pricey.

Lightlife’s Smart Deli Bologna is very cost effective, and the amount of servings in the package lasted me a good amount of time.

Let me say this, I never really liked bologna. My mom would buy it when I was a kid, slap a little cheese and mustard in between some slices of bread and bam, that was that and I had to eat it. I knew where bologna came from, I knew how disgusting it was, but it’s what my mom put in front of me so it’s what I ate.

So when I got this home, and made my first “bologna” sandwich I slathered some mustard on the bread, added some cheese and for good measure, added some spinach leafs. I was transported back to my childhood, but rather than feeling disgusted and repulsed at the processed meat product of old, this was something new. I enjoyed the taste, not only for the nostalgic reason, but because I knew where it came from.

Bologna has a very distinguishable flavor to it, I thought it would never be replicated. Lightlife has done a great job in mimicking the flavor and texture. I’m still amazed that this was not meat.

Food Review: Gardein Santa Fe Good Stuff

I have yet to be let down by Gardein’s products. More reviews are coming soon for those, but I wanted to do this first as I cannot rant and rave enough about this particular product.

Gardein’s Santa Fe Good Stuff cannot be closer, in title, to the review I’m going to give it. There are multiple options to cooking these, I went with the boil method.

After pulling it out of the water I open both the pouches, one containing a fantastic spicy sauce to pour over the “chicken breast”. I cut into it and lo and behold, there’s a little gift inside of black beans, onions and corn. It was an early Xmas gift of savory flavor.

I am a big fan of anything with a kick, spice wise, and the Santa Fe Good Stuff did not let me down in the least. I was actually shocked out the kick and was smiling throughout the meal.

The “breast” itself was very similar in texture and taste to what chicken is, and I’m still astounded as far as how this process works. I may have over boiled it as it was a tad chewy, actually I am pretty sure that is what happened. The instructions call for only 5-6 minutes in the boiling water, but I got sidetracked and left it in for a little over 10 minutes.

I am loving anything Gardein puts out and have some more products in the fridge/ freezer to try out. Can’t wait!

Food Review: Lightlife Buffalo Wings

Straight out of the gate, let me say that going vegetarian meant I would be giving up one of my favorite things to eat, buffalo wings. I’ve created my own sauce to cook em up… was bummed to give em up but was PSYCHED to see this product out there.

Lightlife’s Buffalo Wings are of course, meat free, but have all the texture you’d come to expect in a meaty wing. These being meat free, there are no messy bones to deal with, you can just get right into eating and enjoying them.

I pan fried them in little oil to give them a crispness that I love. I cut into one and… I have found my “chicken” wing soul mate! These things were so tasty! I am not normally a guy who eats one item on my plate completely before the rest of the meal, but I couldn’t help it, these were that good. My 7 year old tried a bite and loved it too and he’s really finicky.

The spice and flavor was good, I’m kind of a buffalo sauce snob, have made my own for a while. There could have been a tad bit more heat, but like I said, it’s probably just me. Being packaged for mass consumption I’m sure they wanted to keep it at one level, and it’s the smart thing to do.

All in all, I give Lightlife’s Buffalo Wings a 9/10 (the 1 point missing because I think the package size could have been one or two pieces larger).