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VCG Lunchbox 5.28.17

Wow, it’s been a while since I shared what’s in my lunch bag for work! It’s been like nearly 5 months since the last one… eesh that’s slacking eh?

Saturday I prepped a good amount for the week. I’ve been trying more and more to do that since all I have to do each morning is grab a mason jar full of the prepped food, add some other stuff and I’m good for the day. This week I prepped 4 jars full of rice, kidney beans, Beyond Meat crumbles, spinach and cor. I of course sprinkled quite a bit of Franks Red Hot in but again, it’ll make my life easier when it comes to making lunches every work day this week.

So what do I got today?

Besides the mason jar I’ve got a good salad with some local greens, a banana, apple, naval orange, baby carrots with some garlic hummus to dip them in and some Vega (chocolate) protein powder.

It’s that easy folks, it doesn’t have to be hard and it’s can be quite satisfying.

VCG Lunchbox 12.6.16

How easy is it to be vegan? SO easy!

You don’t understand how easy it is! It’s THAT easy!

Well I guess you probably do, I mean you are vegan right? That’s why you are here, right?

vcg12616Oh you aren’t? Stupendous!

Let me show you what my lunchbox looks like today!

I work 10 hour shifts and need food to keep me going. Besides the 2-3 liters of water that I will drink, here’s what is keeping me going today.

Jar of Jasmine rice, okra, kidney beans, tempeh w/ a habanero sauce
1 banana
1 apple
1 orange
1 snack bag full of baby carrots
1 Natures Bakery Fig Bar

It’s that easy. And say if for some reason I get hungry and need something else, there are plenty of grocery stores that I can take a buck or two and get some more fresh fruit.

Real food is easy.

Being vegan is easy!


VCG Lunchbox 10.18.2016

It’s been so busy these past couple of months and I haven’t been able to keep up with some of my regular columns here. So, as I pack my lunch for work, I figured its time to bring this “VCG Lunchbox” column back from the dead.

For what it’s worth, a couple weeks ago we had this “week of engagement” thing where a lot of the higher ups in my company come out to our meetings, some rode along with our technicians for the day, etc. Besides some knowledge of where the company is going with it’s technology and services, we all got some “party gifts.” One of them being a new lunchbox, woo hoo!! Minus the company branding, it’s really nice one and ought to keep cold foods coler than the one I have been using for 5+ years now.

Here’s what I’m putting inside of it:

2 bananas
1 gala apple
1 baggie of baby carrots (w/ Hampton Creeks Just Ranch to dip em in)
1 PB&J Bar (Trader Joes)
1 baggie of homemade trail mix
1 sandwich with Tofurkey slices (peppered), a slice of Field Roasts Chao cheese (tomato cayenne)
1 refillable sports cup for water (I try to fill it three times in a shift for roughly 72oz)

That’s it! Wow, it is SOOOOO easy to be vegan. And, it’s cheap to boot!!

VCG Lunchbox 8.9.16

It’s been far to long since I’ve posted, an update on why coming soon. But, getting back into things, I thought I’d post a Vegan Cable Guy lunch. The intention from the get go with this series of posts is to show how a blue collar guy like myself, who seemingly has little time, can eat healthy on the go.

I know, it’s convenient to eat out every day. It’s just as easy, if not easier, to pack a lunch. The benefits are that you know what goes into it AND the cost. Buying a meal everyday, with a drink is at least $10. That is just lunch. That’s not snacks throughout the day. Check out my lunch today, you can see that not only do I have a mid-day meal, but plenty of healthy food to keep me energized all daylong!

VCG Lunchbox:

Baby carrots
Trail mix (homemade with peanuts, sunflower seeds and craisins)
Dates (about 8 medjools)
Red delicious apple
Leftover Vegan Jambalaya

It’s that easy!

VCG Lunchbox 5.29.16

vcglunchToday is going to be a loooong and hot day here on Cape Cod. Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest here so I need to make sure I’m eating well throughout the day.

We have:

Baby carrots
An apple
Mix of dried banana chips and sunflower seeds
A chewy peanut butter granola bar
Salad of cruciferous greens
Curries quinoa w/ chickpeas

Yup, today is going to taste good. Oh, I also have tons of water comign with me, it’s gonna be a warm one!!

VCG Lunchbox 5.10.16

With Ragnar this week I am trying to not veer from my usual foods. I’ve tried new things the week of a race and it has not ended well. Stomach pains. Multiple trips to the restroom. Yeah, I’m not looking to get into that mess right now.

So for today I got:

Spanish Rice with Boca crumbles (and of course Frank’s Red Hot)
Granny Smith Apple
2 Bananas
Kashi Pumpkin Spice bar
Baby Carrots
Chips w/ homemade Cilantro & Poblano Hummus

10 hours at work never tasted so good!!

VCG Lunchbox 5.1.16

vcg5116These past couple of weeks I have been trying to get back into meal prep. Last week I made red beans, rice and spinach. I put em all in mason jars, added some Franks Red Hot and they were amazing. It was so awesome to have something ready to go and not have to spend too much time in the morning except to just throw a bunch of stuff into my lunchbox; meal prepped jars only take minutes to pack.

So today, on day one of this new week, I have:

Cut up cantelope
Granola bar
Veggie Sticks
Chana Masala (my meal prep for the week)

That’s more than enough to keep me going through today’s 10-hour shift. Its supposed to be rainy so let’s hope I can get to a microwave to warm up the Chana Masala or it’ll get slow cooked on the defroster of the van!

VCG Lunchbox 4.17.16

vcglunchWow, it’s been a few weeks since I posted one of these. Today is going to be a long day, I have a huge install that will take most of the day. Minus the 4-Ingredient Cookies I packed in my lunch, it’s all raw!

Todays Lunch:

1 Apple
1 Blood Orange
1 Banana
5 Medjool Dates
2 4-Ingredient Power Cookies
1 Salad Blend (Cruciferous greens and standard salad greens mix)

VCG Lunchbox 3.30.16

vcg_lunchboxThings are warming up, at least more so than my last lunchbox post. There isn’t any snow on the ground at least; for now. I’ve actually broken a sweat twice this week, woo hoo!

Today’s lunch is super simple:

1 banana
1 orange
1 baggie of sunflower seeds & raisins
1 baggie of Kettle Popped Sweet & Salty Popcorn Chips (Trader Joe’s)
1 package of Roasted Kale Chips (Rhythm Superfoods)

And for my lunch “meal” I have a bunch of leftover Not So Deviled Eggs from Easter. YUM!

VCG Lunchbox 3.21.16

 Here we are, second day of Spring in New England and it’s snowing. I guess it could be worse, as in this 1″-2″ snowfall could be the 10″+ they projected. 

On to lunch though…

Today I packed:
1 apple
1 banana
6 fresh figs
1 Kind blueberry bar
1 baggy of blue corn tortilla chips

Besides snack, my main part of lunch is this amazing mac and cheese my wife made. The “cheese” is a blend of nooch and Daiya shreds. It’s got spinach and asparagus in it too, yum! I cant wait to get it heated up on the dashboard!!