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Bye Bye VCG!

It is saddening and yet a bit freeing to say that I am shutting down Vegan Cable Guy. I had a fun run with it and I appreciate all the support. Over the past year I really struggled coming up with content for it. There are so many vegan blogs and websites that the info I had here was so easily found elsewhere it felt redundant.

Yes, I believe everyone has a voice and that we are all unique (just like everyone else) but I also feel like I lost my drive for this website. With the way social media has taken off, as well as podcasting and Youtube; a traditional blog like this is kind of a dying art. That’s not to demean other blogs, because most of them have all that social media stuff and Youtube channels and that’s how they make it work. I don’t have the time, nor do I truly have the interest to get any of that extra stuff off the ground.

So thank you to everyone who came by and commented and or reached out to me, I appreciate all the support! You can find me on social media as @herbivorousnate on IG and I will be switching all the other VCG social media to reflect that!

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