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Book Review: YumUniverse Pantry To Plate

Heather Crosby, the founder and author behind YumUniverse.com, has created a follow-up to her first book which is appropriately titled “Yum Universe.” This second one is less about the “how to” and more about “doing” when it comes to living plant-based.

The recipes are concise and as straightforward as you can get. If you are just coming into this way of eating, it can seem daunting. It’s easier than you think though, and Heather lays out a path to create recipes from the ingredients you already have at home. The recipes all include a template in which you can manipulate it to fit your needs or palate, or you can follow some of the one’s she has built off of the same template.

The recipes are all plant-based, or like she prefers to call them, “plant-inspired.” ¬†While those are witty phrases, they are not all completely vegan. No, there is not meat or dairy; there are a couple that include honey though. Semantics aside, like all the other templates you can ad-lib ingredients. For the recipes that call for honey you can use things like agave or my favorite sweetener Bee Free Honee.

Last week I was able to share the recipe for Sriracha Mac with you, I hope you’ll check it out and let me know if you ever end up making it. I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead and look forward to making this, as well as some of the other recipes from the book. My family is pretty picky and a fair amount of these recipes will be right up their alley.

The book is very well put together and the pics are absolutely stunning. Having worked in the print industry for years (before cable), I appreciate books that are laid out well and are fluid from page to page. Amateur cooks and skilled pro’s will surely enjoy checking this book out.

You can find YumUniverse Pantry To Plate at The Expirement Publishing site or you can certainly search for it on Amazon.

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