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Book Review: What The Health

Yes, this is the book version of the film. If you ever watched it and said to yourself that you should probably pay attention so you can retain as much as you can for future conversations, well you don’t need to do that. This is the printed form of the film serving as a compendium to all the info you saw and wished you had at your disposal. There is quite a bit more here in the book than in the movie and you will find all sorts of useful info as well as some of the filmmakers/ authors favorite recipes. There are more in depth interviews as well as commentary from the filmmakers themselves with added personal stories.

One thing I like to do after reading a book and before reviewing it is to look at other reviews. I get curious if the thoughts I have about a book are the same, or close to the same, as other writers. Not surprising, there are tons of reviews where folks are appreciative that the book was published. Many great stories of people making the conversion to a healthier way of eating.

Then you got the naysayers, and unfortunately there is a plethora of them. What’s amazing though is one in particular and it says, “Most (of) the sources are biased to veganism. The back of the book contains hundreds of references though that you can look up.” So the claim is that the book is biased yet there are sources cited in the back that are valid? I think some people don’t truly understand the word “bias” as they clearly have some of their own. There are even some “doctors” that claim the film is incorrect yet they do not offer their name, credentials or anything concrete to dispel any of the science based facts from the film. 

I don’t know, I mean some of the most well known doctors in the country are interviewed including Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. Michael Klaper and so many more. As mentioned above, there is nearly 50 pages of notes referring the reader to scientific papers, studies and more. There can be no denying the fact that these guys have done their homework and leave no doubt; animal products is bad for your health. 

For instance, there’s a story about a boy names Justin and his mom, Joyce. Justin is a 7 year old boy who weighs 250lbs. Yes, you read that right! The poor boy struggles to breathe and move, his poor body cannot handle all that weight. His mother talks about his diet and how doctors told her to rein it in but never gave her any real advice. A typical day, from a spied piece of paper points out that just for breakfast the boys eats 4 scrambled egg, 1 slice of cheese, teaspoon of ketchup and 1 3/4 cups of diet sprite. That is a disgusting way to start the day and it doesn’t get any better. Lunch consists if multiple sausages, popped popcorn, diet tea and a snack bar.

If you are familiar with the movie than the fact they point out differences between true carnivores and humans is in here. For instance, how about our canines? I mean, those things are dangerous they must have been given to us to eat meat right? Have you looked at a real carnivores mouth; all of their teeth are for ripping and their canines are true canines, not some dulled down teeth that can barely “tear an envelope.

The stories here are real and they are horrifying. They blow the lid of factory farms spraying literal shit all over people’s properties and houses causing sickness and disease. The story of René Miller is atrocious and should anger anyone who learns of what she and her townspeople have had to deal with in the small town of Warsaw, North Carolina.

You get the idea.

It is a game changer.

If you watched the film you need to read the book. Your friends need the book. Your family needs the book.












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