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Book Review: Thug Kitchen Party Grub

thugkitchenCooking good plant based/ vegan food can be a chore sometimes. You have to hunt down all sorts of exotic ingredients, teach yourself some technical cooking proficiencies and HOPE that the end result is something you, your family and friends might enjoy. I know I’ve made some bomb meals; those bombs were not “da bomb”, they were explosive both before and after!

This fine folks over at Thug Kitchen bring you part two to the pinnacle of palatable plant based profanity. Thug Kitchen: Party Grub is filled with a plethora of new recipes tested and approved for “social mother-f*ckers!” These 100 new recipes are delectable dishes of prestigious perfection.  Bah, enough of the platitudes…

Football season has just begun and I am pumped to be cooking up some treats that the boys and I can scarf down, without the guilt of animal pain and suffering. Well, that all depends on the amount of bean based foods we eat, but again I digress. The TLTA Sammies can please even the most persnickety bro’s in the bunch. Can’t convince them to try tempeh?  Get sneaky and make some Curry Hand Pies, those sob’s will be chest bumping as they not only get to use their meaty mitts like a caveman, but their protein levels will rise dramatically.

For crying out loud folks, this book is not only great for recipes but look what the hell it’s doing to me? It’s got me sitting here trying to get all witty and stuff. TK: PB reads nothing like a cookbook, and if you want to call it a cookbook I bet granny would be pissed. This is not granny’s cookbook. It’s fun, profane and full of party goodness. If for some reason you are offended by this book, you’re taking yourself way to seriously. Pick it up, cook some sh!t and pat yourself on the back for not only eating ethically but for having a good time while doing it.

Check out their site and order the book here http://www.thugkitchen.com/tk2

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