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Book Review: Reborn On The Run

I can’t state the following fact enough; this book only took me 3 days to read through! It has been a long while since I’ve been so captivated by a book. I think that’s due to a variety of reasons.

Catra Corbett’s (aka the Dirt Diva) story isn’t just about ultra-running, she bares her soul to the reader. She allows us an inside look at the struggles she had not only with addiction but with loss of life and love. Her story is truly gripping.

I’ve followed her career since I first heard about her, which was back in 2015 I think. I interviewed her shortly after to learn more about her and answer some personal questions I was curious about. She was kind and thoughful in her responses, you can view that interview at http://vegancableguy.com/interview-catra-corbett/

“Reborn On The Run” isn’t a how-to book that will teach you how to overcome addiction. It won’t teach you how to run ultras or how to grieve when a love one passes. What it will do is change your perception regarding the struggles of others and truly teach one to be empathetic toward them rather than turn their back or raise their noses.

Of course I can’t not mention the fact that Catra has been a vegan for many, many years. Not only that, she is mainly a raw vegan/ fruitarian so take that people who say vegans are weak or can’t be athletic. She holds many records in the ultra-running community and continues to shatter the perception of what a runner should be and or look like.

Before I write a review I like to see what others have to say so I went to Amazon as this book is fairly new. While there weren’t a lot of them, there were a few people that trashed the book for the over the top language. If you are a puritan than I can see the issue but let’s be real, Catra is not one to pull punches and I like that. Is it for everyone? I guess not but those people should get past the language and understand the book is more than just that.

If there’s one thing to take away from this book (there are many more) is that through perseverance you can accomplish what you set your mind too; regardless of  your background. Catra is one bad-ass woman and I look forward to continue following her career.

You can find her on her blog (which hasn’t been updated in a bit) http://trailgirl.blogspot.com/

You can also find her on Facebook which is more updated https://www.facebook.com/catra

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