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Bodyweight 10 to 1 WOD 4/24/15

This workout is going to be 10 rounds. As daunting as that seems, it is not.

What you are going to do is complete the first series of exercises 10 times, next round will be 9 times, the next 8 and so on until you finish the last round of 1.

Here are the exercises:

Burpees – Watch this video to see how to do a proper burpee

Mountain Climbers – I do not know this guy personally, but it’s how I do this exercise. Watch this video to see how to do a mountain climber.

Dips – And again, here is a video showing you how to do a simple dip on a bench. You could use a chair, etc.

Pull Ups – This woman has taken her pull ups to a new level, yet, still shows the proper form. Check this video out to see how to properly do a pull up and how to get creative on where to do them.

Russian Twist – And finally, here is a video on how to do a bodyweight russian twist. As the video mentions, you can add weight if you want, I will leave that up to you.

Why 10 to 1? To change things up. Doing a WOD this way confuses the muscle that has gotten used to you doing things the same way, over and over. A 10 to 1 WOD is great for busting through plateaus.

I have been moving into my new house all week and needed to break up the monotony, this helped!

* The videos linked here are not my content, I found them on Youtube. The video owner is responsible for the content and commentary.

** I am not a fitness instructor, nor am I certified. These are exercises I do to stay in shape and train for some of the races I have run.

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