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Nate is a blue-collar, no-frills, vegan cable guy trying to show the world
how health is not just relegated to those that can afford it, or for the
typical health nut. When not climbing ladders or trouble shooting cable networks he is spending time with his family and friends. You can find him here at vegancableguy.com all over social media or running in the woods of Cape Cod training for the next big challenge eating a crown of broccoli!

Review: Eating You Alive

I feel like “Eating You Alive” took a while to come out, it had been pretty hyped up for some time. While they were in the beginning stages of the film they were soliciting folks for personal stories to share. Three years I had sent them an 8 minute clip of my story which was not chosen so I made the video public about, oh, 15 minutes ago. It’s an awkward video so I can see why they didn’t pick it.

Unlike a lot of vegan/ plant-based documentaries, there are not many moments in EYA that leaving you cringing. With that I mean there’s little to no footage of animals being killed which is a far cry from films like “Earthlings”. This film stands up without that and approaches the topic from a health perspective. While we all want the general public to understand the suffering that animals face every day, there are other approaches that work and “Eating You Alive” speaks in a way that is more genial than in your face.

You’ve got some of the usual suspects in this film like T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr John McDougall, Dean Cornish. There are a couple new faces, at least when it comes to documentaries go. One of them, Dr Michael Greger, has a growing following as he presents evidence based studies that prove plants can not only keep disease at bay but can sometimes reverse it. He started an amazing website called Nutrition Facts and like I said, has a following that expands by the day. He is also the man behind the book “How Not To Die” which is worth a read on your part.

There are also a couple of surprise folks in the film like Samuel L Jackson, one of Hollywood’s biggest bad asses! Who would have known he was vegan? I guess it makes sense because the dude just keeps getting more and more badass as he ages. Penn Gilette, from the magic duo Penn & Teller, shares his story and talks about things we all know; that big industry is what controls our food and keeps us sick so we can buy into the big pharma scam.

Another big name that is involved with EYA is film maker, philanthropist, deep-sea explorer and vegan activist, James Cameron. His wife Suzy joins him in the film as well. After viewing the film “Forks Over Knives” they both became vegans and went full-bore into the lifestyle. They even helped fund the first vegan school in America.

The big take away from “Eating You Alive” is the same message your mom always told you growing up, “You are what you eat.” If you eat garbage then you feel like garbage and are susceptible to toxicity. If you eat well there is health and abundant happiness. The choice is simple.

Find more info at: https://www.eatingyoualive.com/

Review: The Last Pig

This film screened today in Chatham, MA which is local to me, but, since I coach soccer for my sons team I was unable to attend. Thanks to the kindness of the Last Pig folks, I was able to watch a screener in order to provide this commentary.

Where to begin…

The synopsis from the website says, “THE LAST PIG is a lyrical meditation on what it means to be a sentient creature with the power to kill. Deeply immersive, the film follows a farmer in his final year of slaughtering pigs. Through sparse, intimate musings, the farmer reveals his growing conflict over a life spent “peddling in death.” As the story unfolds, his struggle becomes our own. The Last Pig is a poetic snapshot of a seminal year in one man’s life as he journeys beyond the slaughterhouse.”

That’s a pretty spot on 82 word narrative on a film that, to me, was engaging in its profound simplicity. I really enjoy the fact that the film maker, Allison Argo, let the story play out as organically as possible.

It’s certainly difficult to watch knowing that the subjects of the movie, the pigs, are on borrowed time. That’s not the only struggle here though, you truly feel the inner strife of Bob Comis, the pig farmer. His face is anguished, his very is very monotone; it’s gut-wrenching!

I watched with my jaw open for most of the film. Not only because of what is playing out on the screen but how it is playing out. Like I said, it’s very organic in the way the story plays out but the cinematography and editing is mind-blowing. The film is a work of art through and through. I’ve never watched any of Argo’s other films but I will be making a point to do so soon.

I think this movie is good for everyone to watch, vegan or non-vegan.

From a vegan perspective it solidifies a lot of the things we believe. Bob Comis believed at one point that he was a “humane” farmer and that by caring for his animals and being more loving toward them that it was somehow ok to deliver them to the slaughterhouse each month. As we know though, there is no such thing as humane meat. He comes to see just how incorrect that mindset is. In his own words, “Pigs are incredibly complex beings. They’re not just animals. They are beings in the most profound sense of the word.”

For non-vegans I think this is an extremely important film as it brings the argument to completion about killing animals for food and shows exactly what we’ve been saying all along; their lives belong to them.

You can find info about the film at:

Website: http://www.thelastpig.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLastPig

Vegan Potluck #1: Success

Wow, what a night!!

Tonight could not have gone off any better. For some time now I have seen a lack of “vegan community” here on Cape. There are pockets and groups, but I always seem to hear about them to late or it doesn’t work out for my schedule. That said, I thought I’d try my hand at setting something up.

I contacted Keith Stigura, the owner of Green Lotus in Hyannis, MA. A while back Nate, the previous owner, had let someone else host an event or maybe even put it together himself. Anyway, I felt like it was time to put one together so I got a date from Keith and started working some social media magic. I reached out to friends, friends of friends and a few other Facebook groups, as well as flyering at some of my favorite places. It worked because tonight we had between 40-45 attendants and it went off without a hitch.

Well, a tiny hitch as I’m not very verbose nor am I a talker. I’m a bit socially awkward if you meet me in person. So I could have made some announcements, I could have raised my voice and thanked everyone for attending. Alas, I did not.

A couple of tips to make the next one better were pointed out and I will grow with each new event. Speaking of which, I am starting to work on that! As I said, to those I spoke with, I hope to hold one each season. I think anything more than that and it becomes over-saturated and people will stop showing up. Maybe I’m wrong but I know when I was in a band if we played every month people just didn’t care anymore.

Again, thank you to Keith from the Green Lotus for graciously hosting us, I cannot thank you enough! Thank you to Rory from the Organic Market for the fabulous kale caesar salad. And thank YOU fr attending and making this a success. I met so many great people and I can’t wait for the next one!

If you want to find out about the next one, join the Cape Cod Vegan Potluck Events page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/capecodveganpotlucks/

Below are some pics I took as candidly as possible.

VCG; The Podcast?

After a failed attempt at trying to put together a YouTube channel, I’m going to try my hand at podcasting. I know both YouTube and podcasting take the same time to produce, comparatively, I just felt it would suit me better to stay off screen and the amount of time I’m driving could make for some fun conversations.

I’m hoping to have the first episode live by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I’d love to take questions or ideas for future episodes. If you’ve been following me for a while, is there something you want to know about me?

Do you podcast? What platform do you use? Is it worth buying a mic and all that fancy gear?

Guest Recipe: Mozz Cashew Cheese

If you live on Cape Cod and are vegan or veg you surely know how hard it is to get a good pizza that is dairy free. There are a few places that will allow you to bring in vegan cheese and they will make you a pizza. Dennisport House Of Pizza is one of those places, just bring in an unopened bag and within 15-20 minutes they will whip you up something. There is also JD’s in Provincetown that makes it with Daiya, but what about something from scratch that’s a bit more “artisinal”?

You can head to Pizza Barbone in the center of downtown Hyannis, on the bustling Main Street strip. They make an in-house cashew cheese that is absolutely to die for. Anytime a vegan friend visits the Cape and asks where to go, I always recommend Pizza Barbone. It’s where I go all the time so it only makes sense, right?

One thing I’ve been wanting to do here on this site is share some local recipes, not only so you can try to make them yourselves but so you can go to these places and try them out yourself. I’ve been super sporadic about it and only had one post before this and that was for African Peanut Stew from 141 Bradford in Provincetown. With a little bit of focus, I’m back to asking local places again and already have another one on tap soon after this one.

I’ve been coy about asking for this recipe though, but I’ve wanted to get it to share with you all for a loooong time. Well, on my last visit I asked and within minutes the chef came out with the recipe and allowed me to take a pic of it.

It was that easy the whole time?

This recipe is in grams and each ingredient is weighed precisely. I tried messing around with conversions but after going back and forth with the chef I stopped and realized you can’t mess with perfection; and this stuff is just that. So, the recipe is as is and if you attempt it, I’d love to see how it works out for you. I’m set to order the ingredients myself and give it a shot soon!


Cashew Milk
150 grams soaked or boiled cashews
4.5 cups water
8 grams soy lecithin
6 grams acidophilus powder
2 grams nutritional yeast

5 Cups cashew milk
22 grams kappa carrageenan
2 grams citric acid
100 grams tapioca starch
10 grams salt
330 grams coconut oil

Take all the ingredients listed under cashew milk and blend.

Blend the rest of the ingredients listed under mozzarella with the cashew milk

Heat in pot over medium high heat, will separate but us a hand blender to bring back together.

Scoop into balls or pour into pan to cool.

Are you going to give this a try? Do you have a scale to weigh the ingredients?

Thank you Pizza Barbone for sharing this recipe, I very much appreciate it!!

Book Review: Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook

In a genre of books that has a plethora of choices, it’s sometimes hard to stand out from every other cookbook. There are a variety of ways to do that though. For one, you can get two of the most recognizable cooks and vegan activists together. Victoria Moran, the founder of Main Street Vegan Academy pairs with JL Fields, the author of a variety of cookbooks such as “Vegan Pressure Cooking” and “The Vegan Air Fryer’ come together for “Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook.”

I’ve been listening to Victoria’s podcast, The “Main Street Vegan” for a couple years now and have been cooking from JL Fields’ cookbooks for the same amount of time, especially the air fryer one as I just finally bought an air fryer a few months ago. Needless to say, I’ve been a fan of both. So how do you make a book better than having just two recognizable people? You add a bunch of folks from the Academy itself, including a couple of friends of mine; Britt LoSacco and Danielle Legg.

What’s great about this book is these are really down to earth recipes and anyone can cook them. If you have questions there are little “coaches corner” tips that help you along. You will have the confidence to prepare a dish not only for your family to try but you will be making dishes to bring to the next potluck event. There’ even a chapter specifically for those events titled, “The Social Vegan.” At the end of the month I’m hosting a potluck so I’m thinking the “Sprouted Garbanzo Bean Hummus” on page 70 sounds pretty righteous!

“Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook” is not just a cookbook though, but it breaks down a ton o the common misconceptions of veganism and the movement. From debunking myths that veganism is expensive or complicated to activism and even how some vegans are shamed for the shape of their bodies; it’s a myth that we are all rail thin!

If you are new to veganism and are looking for a book that is helpful and welcoming, you’ve found it here. If you are looking for simple appetizer recipes, you’ve got it. Have a busy lifestyle and just want to add some stuff to a crock-pot and get on with your life? Yup, you’ve got that here too.

You can get the book at Amazon or head to the publishers site, Ben Bella Vegan for more information.

Naked Pea Protein

As alluring as the name may be, this doesn’t mean to just drop trow and read this because that might be a tad weird; for you that is. I mean who sits behind a computer and reads a review of some pea protein while they are naked?! Not me!

All silliness aside, I’ll be up front and say that I was sent a tub of this for review purposes, that doesn’t mean my review will be slanted one way though. That said, I don’t have much bad to say about this stuff.

The fact that the ingredient list only has one ingredient is pretty damned amazing. Most vegan protein powders have a ton of different stuff in them, most also have a boatload of sugar. This stuff came at a great time for me though as I’m trying my best to cut out added and processed sugars.

After runs and workouts I’ve been blending two scoops of Naked Pea Protein, some frozen fruits/ veggies, dates and water. The one thing I will be perfectly straight with you all about is the fact this stuff has no flavor; at all. But that shouldn’t come as a shock as it says unflavored on the container. With the fruits and veggies added you get a nice clean flavor, and the dates bring some sweetness, and that I can appreciate.

Wondering what the basic macro profile looks like? Well here it is…

  • 2 grams of carbs
  • .5 grams of fat
  • 27 grams of protein
  • 120 total calories

Besides the great macro profile, the cost to serving ration is insane! It contains all of the essential amino acids and weighs in a 5.7 grams of BCAAs per serving as well.

This stuff is super easy on the stomach. I get bloated with some of the other proteins out there and it’s not the case here; its very easily digestible. It mixes well which probably has a lot to do with digestion as it’s not clumpy.

I’m hoping to use this in an energy ball recipe soon and will post that when I do.

All in all, minus the taste, this stuff is super legit and I’d happily recommend to anyone who is not only vegan but is allergic to all the other stuff like whey powders because, well, they are not baby cows.

But you already knew that.

Check them out at https://nkdnutrition.com/products/pea-protein-powder

ps. Make some room in the cabinet for this stuff, the tub is merely gigantic!! Again, value!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding

I’m trying to cut out added, and processed sugar and it sucks; bad! I just want a cookie or something, maybe some ice cream?!? AAAHH!!

I needed a way to satiate the craving and the other day my wife made an avocado pudding for a dinner at her Dad’s that was stupendous!

This time I wanted something extra in it so I added peanut butter and it’s amazing! The only sugar that is in this stuff is the sugar from the peanut butter, and that’s minimal as it’s all natural. The Bee Free Honee doe have cane sugar in it, but again, it’s not anything extra like most recipes.

Try it and let me know what you think!

You’ll need…

2 ripe avocados
2 tbsp all natural peanut butter
2 tbsp Bee Free Honee
1/4 cup raw cocoa
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup soy milk

Put it all in a blend and let it run until it’s smooth enough for you. Chill for 30 minutes and serve with some crumbled peanuts on top!

Attention Cape Cod Vegans!

I have been working, for what seems like an eternity, to put together a potluck event here on Cape Cod. Besides finding a venue, finding a location that is central to all Cape Codders was one of the biggest challenges. That said, I also wanted to have it hosted at a place that shares the same passion that we do.


I want to thank Keith Stigura, owner of The Green Lotus, for agreeing to host this event. The details are this”

Friday, April 27 at 5 PM

Green Lotus Cafe
349 Main St, Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601

If you plan to attend, you can check out what everyone else is bringing by going to the event page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/180809705888897/

If you have any friends or family in the area please let them know about this. I am hoping we can make this a seasonal event, or even more often if it is a success. I think it’s important to start connecting with other folks that share our common passion for veganism, and while it’s not prevalent on Cape Cod, there are lots of us. Let’s get together!

Feel free to share this digital flyer (below) I made as well!

Any questions? E-mail me at vegancableguy@gmail.com