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I’m a blue-collar, no-frills, vegan cable guy trying to show the world
how health is not just relegated to those that can afford it, or for the
typical health nut. My cholesterol was once at dangerous levels, life
defying levels, and I made the change to a plant based diet. I started
running, quit smoking cigarettes and now, in my 40’s, I am in the
best shape of my life. The bonus is, it doesn’t cost what you think it
is, all it takes is commitment to a new lifestyle. Ⓥ #vegan #deathracer #ultrarunner #nespahtens #shvp

Turning A Blind Eye For The Movement

A couple of days ago I saw a post on the Vegan Bros Facebook page that instantly stirred up feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment. It was simply captioned, “Everyone’s going vegan.”

Normally I am totally on board with the crazy, over the edge stuff that Matt and Phil promote. When a celeb goes vegan they lose their ever-loving minds. I understand why, that person has a huge following and fans so it helps to popularize veganism and expose it to folks who maybe just fluffed it off.

Am I fan of Kylie Jenner? Nope, but what she does is her own thing. Miley? Yeah I’m not a fan of hers either so her announcement that she went vegan didn’t elucidate more than just a “yippee” from me. Over time though, I give her credit, it hasn’t been just a celebrity fad thing for her and she seems to be really passionate about it. Don’t get me wrong about celebrity veganism, it’s great; absolutely great!! Again it raises the presence of the movement into the public realm and you can’t buy that type of advertising. But when does it go to far?

But when a character like Adrian Peterson talks about becoming an 80/20 vegan (because he can’t drive by a Church’s Chicken without falling off the wagon); I cringe. I cringe because this man, just a short time ago, perpetuated violent behavior toward his own son. These are graphic photos, but if you have not seen them CLICK HERE for proof of what a monster he is. I commented on the Vegan Bros thread about this and got this response from another person who follows them:

My comment was cut short, I forgot to expand it before grabbing the screenshot from my phone. I actually went back a few minutes ago to get a better screenshot but it seems my comment has been deleted. When I said up above I was disappointed, this is the reason. Rather than take down the post about this piece of sh*t child abuser, they took my post off.

Part of what I had said in my comment that isn’t shown is, what if Michael Vick all of a sudden went vegan? Would the community just forget what he did because now he has a voice for animals? I don’t think so. Everyone would lose their minds and condemn him. But somehow it’s ok for Adrian Peterson to beat his child and then be held up on a pedestal because he all of a sudden went vegan, but still eats chicken.


“He’s trying!”


Yeah, I hear you.

But I cannot, and will not get behind this man monster. I apologize for all the profanity, but this really, REALLY burnt my ass and I felt that I needed to get it off my chest.

Am I wrong here?

When do we stop making excuses for people just because they are vegan?

Seitan Ground Sausage

My kids just wanted plain old pasta and sauce for dinner tonight. That sounded super boring and I had just worked out for 1 1/2 and needed more than that. I didn’t have anything to put in it so I figured I’d try to make my own grounds; with more of an Italian sausage flavor. It was a process, but the end result was tasty as heck. It’s also given me the confidence to make my own grounds in the future.

The recipe is amazingly easy, it’s just a time consuming process. It’s why I started the first part while I was working out. Here is what you will need and how to put it all together.

1 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp fennel seed (crushed)
2 tsp thyme
1 tsp sage
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 cup water

Get a pot going with 4 cups of water and 2 cups of veg broth.

In one bowl mix all of the dry ingredients well then add the water. You will have a goopy mess and it will seem more wet than it should be; it’s not. You need to knead it for a bit to give it some elasticity. Once you’ve gotten there roll it out lengthwise and cut it into 8 equal pieces. Roll it a bit lengthwise so it kind of looks like sausage, this is just to help it cook quicker than in chunk form.

Once your water is boiling drop the pieces in, cover it and lower to a simmer. Cook for 1 hour making sure to check now and again that the liquid level hasn’t gone down too much.

When the hour is up, remove from the water and let drain onto some paper towels for a bout ten minutes. Grab your Ninja, food processor or whatever you use to pulse blend with. Put all the seitan in and pulse three to four times until you get the size crumble that you prefer.

One last step, I promise. Dump all the grounds into a frying pan and brown them up a bit.

That’s it. Well, you can add to your sauce now and what you use depends on your level of involvement there. I added this batch of crumbles to Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce and it was slamming! Enjoy!

Review: Revy’s Wallet

After making the transition to veganism, I’ve distinctly tried to not only keep animals out of my body; but also off of my body. I am aware and conscious of products made with wool, leather, fur, etc and stay away from them; obviously! One thing in particular that I had a hard time finding a decent replacement for was a wallet. I’ve tried all sorts of material, synthetics and whatever — none of them lived up to what I was looking for.

Until now that is.

It was either this past Christmas or the year before but I received a wallet that totally fit my needs. I’m a simple guy and just need a bi-fold wallet. It has to be able to carry my ID, credit and debit cards, as well as a couple other business cards or friends cards. Oh and of course it has to be able to carry cash, although I honestly never have dollar bills in it; I use my debit card all the time and couldn’t tell you the last time their was money in my wallet.

It’s a Revy wallet and if you don’t know what that is, I’m going to explain. Revy is a company based in El Salvador that makes products from recycled material. A good amount of what they do is make products that are made from recycled bike tires, like my wallet. I thought for sure after a good amount of time it would stretch out and my cards would be falling out all over the place. That is so far from the truth; it’s remained tight and firm. The workmanship is phenomenal and you can tell these are all hand-made.

Revy works with a variety of coops throughout El Salvador and believe in Fair Trade practices. From their site here’s is what their company stands for:

“All workers have the right of association to form their own coop, receive a living wage, and work without fear of abuse or their own safety. Economic justice and social justice cannot be separated.”

  • A fair price with cash advances and prompt payments
  • Collaboration on designs and production methods
  • Transparency by sharing costs and pricing
  • Long term relationships with job security

Have a guy or gal in your life that needs a practical and amazingly well crafted wallet? I can’t recommend these guys more than I already have here. I’m in the market for a new belt and will be ordering theirs soon, it looks just as amazing!

Website: http://www.revydirect.com/

Daiya Sells Out; The Day Vegans Became Unhinged

I have to admit, reading  news about Daiya being purchased by a pharmaceutical company (Otsuka) nearly had me foaming at the mouth. I was outraged. I felt like they had let me down and the whole vegan movement, they sold the f*ck out and I was so f*cking pissed off.

I watched the announcement online, as most folks did. You can watch the video below to see what the founders had to say.

Again, I was angry after watching that. I felt like they were being greedy d*ckheads who only cared about one thing, money. With all the other companies selling to larger corporations, it honestly didn’t come as a huge surprise.

Beyond Meat received investment capital from Tyson Foods.

Gardein was acquired by Pinnacle Foods.

Vega, So Delicious and Silk are owned by Danone.

Maple Leaf Foods recently bought Lightlife.

Unilever owns Ben & Jerrys and Breyers who have finally offered vegan ice creams.

I could go on for a bit, but I wanted to make a couple of points instead that could make all of this more positive than it is negative. The fact of the matter is; sometimes money talks. If a brand like Daiya is looking to expand but doesn’t have the money to do so, having an offer on the table to be able to grow and hit new markets is a must— especially if the right deal is struck and you get to maintain the ability to oversee how the company is run and have a say in its future. That’s pretty much what happened here.

We’ve all loved Daiya for years. They were the talk of the town at some recent expos and their new products are going to blow people away. Besides cheese they also have cheesecake, yogurt, salad dressings, cream cheese and mac & cheese. They’ve tweaked a bunch of the recipes over the past year and will be releasing them soon.

Back to the video and announcement. I was angry that I wouldn’t be able to try these products because Daiya had aligned with a company that is known to test its products on animals. Yes, Otsuka are big, huge, GIANT pieces of sh*t, there is no way of getting around it. It was hard to sit with this and try to rationalize why the acquisition could be a good thing. I came up with this reason and maybe a couple more.

It is quite possible that they (Otsuka) are legitimately trying to get out of the whole animal testing thing and are going more toward a plant-based business model; that seems to be what the Daiya guys think and I believe them to be stand up guys. They didn’t do this for the past (almost) 10 years to just throw up their hands and say f*ck it. These are passionate guys and you can tell in the video. You can also tell in their responses to all the posts on social media. While those same comments are canned, they are consistent in what they believe.

We got to look at this a different way and think that it might just help the movement. Daiya will be distributed all over the place now, imagine all those people who are going to get turned onto it and drop dairy. I know more than a few people who still have yet to make the final jump to full vegan and that’s because of cheese. Ya I know… But still, this move could be huge for them, especially if the new formula is as good as they say it is.

The fact of the matter is that we can’t jump off the proverbial bridge every time something like this happens. We can’t just yell “BOYCOTT” or hop over to change.org and get a petition going; that seems childish. It’s not always as black and white as it seems and may very well be a blessing in disguise. I will admit, for a few days I switched my cheese brand from Daiya to Go Veggie (it’s all my local market had).

I plan to go back to Daiya though because I like the product.

I plan to go back to Daiya because Otsuka needs to see that vegan foods are a growing market and they should get out of the animal abuse game. As I said before, money talks. If they see the growth they will invest more. If we take our toys and run away like children then Daiya fails and Otuska (and other investors) see the movement as a fad and move on.

I plan to go back to Daiya because I believe in what they think they are doing. I don’t own the business and I can’t tell them how to run theirs. If they believe this will help others than I am all for it.

Do what you want to do, I can’t tell you what to believe or think. I can tell you what I think and that’s now been said.

I’m interested in your civil comments, please let me know what your thought are now that there’s been a few days for this all to sink in.

Vegan on Cape Cod 2017

I hear it all the time on social media, “it’s so hard to be vegan on Cape Cod; it’s all just seafood and burger places!” While I agree to an extent, I’ve spent 43 years on this sandbar and while that may SEEM like the truth; it is far from it. There are plenty of vegan places and restaurants that have options. I can’t speak of too many places in the Falmouth, Sandwich, and Bourne area but I will mention places that I have heard of.

I’ve compiled numerous places that either are exclusively vegan/ vegetarian or have plenty of veg options on the menu. I can go just about anywhere and eat. Sometimes, a salad is the only option. But I tell you what, The Red Nun makes a slamming kale Salad; just saying!

I hope this list helps you find a great place to eat this summer while you enjoy the beauty of the place us Cape Codders are blessed to call home; it’s a unique place with unique people. I’m sure you knew that already though. I’ve broken the list down in geographical areas of the Cape as they are four of them.

If I missed anything, comment below or e-mail me at vegancableguy@gmail.com and I will make an adjustment.

UPPER CAPE (Bourne, Falmouth, Sandwich, Mashpee)

As I previously said, I don’t know much for restaurants in this area but I will do my best based on some places I have been too and those that friends recommend. If you have recommendations, please comment on this post so I can update it.

The Pickle Jar – I have been hearing really good things about The Pickle Jar (Falmouth). While not an exclusive vegan /vegetarian place they do offer a good amount of options and are willing to work with you to meet your reasonable expectations. Their breakfast menu has a tofu scramble that sounds yummy, a tofu scramble wrap and even a veggie hash made from zucchini, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes and peppers. The lunch menu has more than the breakfast menu and sounds like there’s a good amount to work with here. From the Crispy Tofu Salad, to the Road Race Roll with hummus and tabbouleh; the lunch menu looks amazing. Yes, the name does imply that they have plenty of pickles that they make on site. I’m thinking that I need to make the drive and try this place out.

Organic Market – While not a cafe or restaurant, Organic Market (Mashpee) does offer some in store made sandwiches, juices and more. They are not a vegan/ vegetarian business but focus as much as they can on healthy living with organic products. Price wise it’s similar to Whole Foods, being more of a niche place that keeps the prices higher. That said, I’m also of the belief if you want good food, you’ve got to spend what it’s worth. You can do most of your house shopping here, minus some incidentals, etc. Whenever I am nearby any of the Organic Market locations and need a snack or juice (around Xmas time they make an amazing Gingerbread Smoothie) I stop in.

MID CAPE (Osterville, Centerville, Cotuit, Cummaquid, Marstons Mills, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis)

As far as population density on Cape Cod, the mid-Cape has the most people. With that comes more options not only for restaurants, but for places to shop. Hyannis has a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes, only a couple miles apart from one another, There are also a few niche smaller markets as well that cater more toward healthy living. Of course, again, with more people there are more restaurant options.

The Green Lotus – Since 2013, downtown Hyannis has been blessed with one of the most top notch vegetarian/ vegan cafes on Cape Cod. Started by Nate Fanara and continued on by new owners Keith & Teresa Stigura, The Green Lotus offers numerous items for breakfast and lunch. I eat here as often as possible; it’s surely one of my favorite place to eat on Cape. My favorite sandwich by far is the Maui. The smoky coconut flakes are amazing. Not far behind is the Buffalo Bomb; wow it’s good!! You can read a lengthier review I did of the Green Lotus a couple years ago at http://vegancableguy.com/green-lotus-cafe-cape-cods-first-and-finest-vegan-veggie-cafe/ You’ll read in the review about their soups and my love for them. The one thing I’ve been dying to try is the veggie Reuben. I do have tomorrow off…. hmm….

Earthly Delights – Tucked into the center of downtown Osterville is a great little cafe, Earthly Delights. I’ve been in here quiet a bit and have enjoyed their smoothies but have absolutely gone to heaven each time I have the Fakin Bacon Tempeh sandwich; it’s a BLT for vegans and it’s glorious. They are a bit higher in price but like I said before, I believe you get what you pay for. They are not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, but have many menu items that are and can be veganized. Try them out for sure!

Pizza Barbone – Please tell me I’m wrong, but I believe this is the only place on Cape that makes vegan wood fired pizza, or vegan pizza for that matter. Found in downtown Hyannis on Main Street, Pizza Barbone has a few appetizers here and there that are vegan and you can manipulate their salads (drop the cheese) and be good to go. But the pizzas are to die for. They make their own in house cashew cheese and they do an amazing job. I absolutely love their margharita pizza, the basil usually comes from their rooftop garden as do the tomatoes. You have to try this pizza!

Sam Diegos – Ok, OK! This is not even close to being a vegan restaurant but I just recently found out they have a special vegan menu. You heard me, you CAN get vegan food at Sam’s and it’s great. When you walk in and are seated make sure to ask for the menu. It’s small but you can go out to Mexican grub with your friends and not feel out of place. Eat up and make sure to ask for the rack of hot sauces!!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe – This chain restaurant does not bill itself as vegetarian or vegan in the least, but they do have options. You can veganize any sandwich or wrap. What makes the a step above the average chain you can get options at is that you can sub chicken for Beyond Meat Chik’n. The food is super affordable and you can add a smoothie to your meal for only a few bucks more. I definitely eat here when I’m on this side of Hyannis (right off Bearses Way next to Bobby Byrnes).

Spoon And Seed – Out in the commercial area on Independence drive  in Hyannis you will find this gem; The Spoon and Seed. The options are few and far between here but I really like the ambiance of the place and the fact they have a garden right on site. They do make a mean chickpea burger and you can ask for it vegan so they don’t add cheese or anything. I’ve gone in and asked them to just have liberty and put together a vegan dish; their chef is really creative and likes the challenge I think.

The Underground Bakery – Well we’ve finally made it out of the Hyannis area and find ourselves on the north side of Dennis just off of Rte 6A at The Underground Bakery. Tucked behind the Post Office, and underneath a local shop, you will find one of the coolest little places to grab food. The seating is tight, and waiting for food can get crowded if they are in a lunch rush, but it’s worth it. The are not vegan exclusive but they have a separate vegan menu that has 7 items at all times; not including specials which at time of this article is a vegan ramen. I love this place as it’s only 3 miles from my house. Now if they would just make a vegan donut!!

The Red NunThe Red Nun is located on Rte 28 in Dennisport. Yes I get it, this is a carnivore’s heaven, but sometimes you are out with friends and may find yourself here thinking you can only have a salad. While they do not have tons of options, you can swap any burger for a vegan patty and veganize the burger to your liking. They also have a great kale salad that is gigantic. And if that doesn’t interest you, they have an amazing Buddha Bowl with quinoa, chickpeas and all sorts of veggies. If you get the Buddha Bowl ask for extra tahini, it’s great that way!

Organic Market – While not a cafe or restaurant, Organic Market (Dennis) does offer some in store made sandwiches, juices and more. They are not a vegan/ vegetarian business but focus as much as they can on healthy living with organic products. Price wise it’s similar to Whole Foods, being more of a niche place keeps the prices higher. But I’m also of the belief if you want good food, you’ve got to spend what it’s worth. You can do most of your house shopping here, minus some incidentals, etc. Whenever I am nearby any of the Organic Market locations and need a snack or juice (around Xmas time they make an amazing Gingerbread Smoothie) I stop in. (yes I cut and pasted from Mashpee location)

Ice Cream Smuggler – Currently located on Rte 6A in South Dennis, these guys offer two homemade non-dairy ice creams. From what the owners have said, they are working on some more, but for now they have a couple appease your sweet tooth. I had the oreo cookie flavor and it was great. They use a coconut milk base, and that is evident, but not overwhelming. If you are out with a group of friends that want great ice ream, and you want to join them, drop by the Ice Cream Smuggler!

LOWER CAPE (Brewster, Harwich, Chatham)

This area is not even remotely close to the Mid-Cape as far as saturation goes, like I said the densest population on Cape Cod is in that area. That said, there are a few options in this area as well, one of them in particular is one of my favorite places to get food.

J·Bar – Let’s kick off the Lower Cape with one of my favorite places to eat, J.Bar! Founded by Erin Tucker, J.Bar in Harwichport is hands down one of the places to get the cleanest of eats anywhere on Cape. Her intention is to keep food the way it was meant to be and not mess with it. J.Bar offers juice combos that are tasty as they are healthful as well smoothies that will satisfy. They also offers all sorts of raw treats such as J.Balls, bars and a variety of chia puddings. You can have a variety of Acai bowls. There are also tons of grab and go foods such as zucchini noodles, tabouli, hummus and grain cups. If you haven’t been here for a sandwich yet, I recommend the Garden or Rose Baby. There are some items with honey in them, so make sure to read the descriptions before ordering, they are always open to removing it before preparing so. J.Bar is only open through the srping/ summer season and a bit into the fall so make sure to get by there as often as you can.

Organic Market – While not a cafe or restaurant, Organic Market (Chatham) does offer some in store made sandwiches, juices and more. They are not a vegan/ vegetarian business but focus as much as they can on healthy living with organic products. Price wise it’s similar to Whole Foods, being more of a niche place keeps the prices higher. But I’m also of the belief if you want good food, you’ve got to spend what it’s worth. You can do most of your house shopping here, minus some incidentals, etc.

Karma – To be honest, I’ve only dropped in a few times and I don’t think I’ve walked out with anything but a smoothie. To that point, they have always been delicious and my favorite of them all was the Mocha Dream. They have an array of foods that first and foremost have “no wheat and no meat” as their website says. They’ve got all sorts of bowls whether it’s breakfast or lunch you are craving. They claim anything on the menu can be made vegan, so if you drop in just make sure to specify.

Corner Store – With two locations, one in Chatham and one on the Outer Cape (Orleans), the Corner Store is not an exclusively vegan or even vegetarian place. The Corner Store is well known for their burritos which are made to order. That means you can get them however you want; even vegan! We eat at the Orleans location quite a bit but I also drop into the Chatham store when I’m in the area while working. You don’t just have to get a burrito, you can get it in a bowl instead which can be just as filling and sometimes, you get more in the bowl! They also offer a variety of paninis that you can customize as well and some baked treats. The Chatham location is extremely small and has a limited amount of seating on the outside porch. This one is more of a grab and go location. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop in, beware though, around lunch time the line can go all the way outside; even in the off season.

OUTER CAPE (Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown)

If you are familiar with the Cape than you know that this area is sparse at best when it comes to restaurants. Yes, there are a fair share of carnivore restaurants, but few offer any options; AT ALL! There are some though, and here is what I currently am aware of.

Corner Store – We just talked about this place via their location in Chatham, I wanted to point out the differences here though. Unlike Chatham, there is plenty of seating and parking in Orleans. The location is much better if you are looking to sit down right after ordering. It’s also right in the center of downtown Orleans so there’s plenty to do, whereas the Chatham location is stand alone and is really not near much else. See the description of the food in the entry above for Chatham, the food and preparation is the same here. We go here way more often then Chatham for the space alone.

Ice Cream Cafe – This spot, located in Orleans, has been around for over 20 years now and has become a staple in the community. What’s really awesome is that they’ve been doing vegan ice cream for a while now and may very well be the first on the Cape to do it. You can find a variety of soft serve and scoopable flavors as well as sundaes and more. What better way to beat the heat of summer than with a cone and jimmies; right?! Check out their site at http://www.icecreamcafe.com/ice-cream/#vegan for current flavors.

Karoo – I have yet to go here but see people post about it all the time and I have drooled while looking at their website/ menu. Karoo is a restaurant in Eastham that serves South African fare, which sounds so amazing; I can’t wait to finally go. I really love trying various Ethnic foods and stuff like West African Peanut Soup, Pakoras, Samosas, Pap and Chakalaka make my mouth water. Maybe it’s time for a date night so my wife and I can try this place out.

Van Rensselaers – Having worked on the Outer Cape for the past ten years, I’ve driven by this place in Wellfleet over and over. They’ve advertised on the sign out front that they are GF and Vegan friendly, which you do not see often. Like Karoo, I have yet to stop here and eat. From their website you can tell they are more of a fine dining experience, having time to have a sit down meal like that is not something that happens often enough. Again, I’ve drooled over their website/ menu and am drawn to such items as the deep fried cauliflower, veggie fried rice bowl and even the zoodles sounds fantastic. Like most places on Cape this is not a vegan only place, but it’s nice to have options and be able to dine with friends and family that don’t share the vegan lifestyle that you do.

High Tide Food Truck – Once more this is not a place I have made it to, but am completely aware of based on their social media presence. They share the parking lot of Chequessett Chocolate in Truro, which just so you know, carries vegan chocolate!! Hint hint!! The website they have (https://www.hightidekitchen.com) has all sorts of stuff for vegans, if you are willing to ask for some substitutions. I’ve reached out to them and they are willing to try their best to appease the customer and fill your belly. They’ve got a variety of rice bowls, salads, noddle dishes including pad thai and even a Banh Mi sandwich that you can get with tofu.

141 Bradford – I’ve called a few places “one of my favorites” but there is one that truly stands out above them all, and that is 141 Bradford in Provincetown. They are easy to find as their address is the business name. My only issue and I mean ONLY ISSUE is their parking. Even in the off season it’s rough to find a parking spot, and in the middle of summer it’s nearly impossible. That said, it’s worth parking a block or two away and walking over. They prepare tons of grab and go foods like their famous (to me) black bean burger and tofu “egg-less” salad. Certain days of the week they have a hot bar which has all sorts of dishes like sesame tofu, roasted beets, Cuban rice and beans, seitan sausage & peppers and tons more; it changes by the day so follow them on Facebook or check the website before heading over. They have soups, which I love to pick up in the winter when I’ve been hanging lines outside all day. You can get fresh pressed juices and smoothies, the best on Cape might I add. The people are super nice and are as helpful as can be. You don’t want to miss out on this place when you are in Provincetown.

Grab & Go – Located on Commercial St in Provincetown, Grab & Go is a little place tucked away that serves great smoothies, juices and fantastic to go foods. They’ve got a small variety of packaged foods too that are great for munching while you are shopping on Commercial St or just people watching. Oh did I mention they make their own soft serve; yeah it’s vegan. So grab one and stroll around town. Keep in mind, this place is super seasonal and is only open in the summer, which is a bummer because it’d be cool to drop in time to time throughout the year.

Kung Fu DumplingsKung Fu Dumplings is located on Commercial St in Provincetown and are not specifically a veg joint but they have a couple options. They have a slamming tofu dumpling that is paired with their house made soy sauce, which is the best friggin soy sauce you will ever have. They also have a spring roll that is on point, just make sure to wait or you will burn your mouth like I always do. Again, limited options but the tofu dumplings are worth dropping in. They also have a food truck in Wellfleet located a couple hundred feet from the Cumberland Farms on Rte 6.

Big Daddy Burritos – I was just made aware of this (and a couple others to follow) by a member of the Vegan Massachusetts facebook page, I quickly checked out there menu and I know when I will be stopping the next time I am working up in Provincetown. Their Saucy Burrito sounds amazing, I can’t wait to eat here. They even have a burrito, the “pawrito”, for your canine friend! This sounds like such a fun place to be. Check their menu out online at http://www.bigdaddysburritos.com

Napi’s – Located on Freeman St, just off of Commercial St, Napi’s is more of an upscale restaurant so you might want to get a reservation. With an extensive vegetarian menu, you can surely veganize just about anything on it. This was another place that was recommended by a user on Facebook and I’m glad they did. It seems like it’d be a nice date night place, not that my wife and I get out much! The Jewel In The Crown sounds like a fantastic dish, looks like we are going to need to get out and try it soon. Check them out at https://www.napisptown.com

I Dream Of Gelato – If you are looking for something a little more decadent than soft serve make sure to check these guys out. They have a huge flavor selection (13 in total) so you can surely find something you are craving. Located on Commercial St (very close to Bid Daddy Burritos) you can cool down and check out great views from the backside of the Aquarium area. See the selections at http://www.idreamofgelato.com/


Meme Monday 7.23.2017

This excuse gets me all the time, “Veganism is just too extreme for me!”

If you seriously think eating plants and foods that are just as similar as your every day foods, than you are just making excuses to live an unhealthy, and an non-compassionate life.

Don’t get me wrong, you can be a vegan and be unhealthy too. There’s tons of stuff you can eat like Oreo’s, ice cream, chips and all sorts of garbage if that’s what you are worried about missing. It’s not extreme to give a fuck about your health.

If it’s meat you are missing than I ask this; why? Is it taste? Because if that is the reason you can simply use those same spices to flavor up your meat on a piece of seitan or tempeh. It’s not extreme to give a shit about animals.

What is extreme is to know that what you are eating is killing you and continuing to do it, knowing full well at some point in your life you will have a health disaster. Cholesterol kills. It’s not anything your body needs extra of, it produces plenty of it’s own. Saturated fats? Yea that chicken breast has plenty, so much so that all that sugar you eat can’t be absorbed and now you get diagnosed with diabetes.

According to the CDC 1 in 4 deaths in the United States is due to heart disease. The same one that, if diagnosed early, can be treated by opening up your chest cavity and having a vein from your leg transplanted into your heart; as the meme states. EXTREME DUDE!

Normally I write more about the memes in this series of articles, but this one really speaks for itself.

Review: Sam’s Naturals Campn Stick

Just a few short weeks ago, my boys and I went on a camping journey to Lake George (in upstate NY) with some of my friends/ teammates from Strong Hearts Vegan Power. We spent the weekend eating glorious vegan food on the campfire. We swam in Lake George. Some of the group ran, while others hiked Mt Algonquin. My boys and I spent some time at Fort Ticonderoga and Ausable Chasm. And, in our “downtime”, we tossed some games of washer toss with Andy. It was an amazing weekend for sure.

I could create a long post about the timeline and exact details of the weekend but that’s not why I’m writing this. I had brought just about everything I could think of on this trip; except bug spray. Luckily, one of my friends/ teammates is Jess Ryle from Vegan Outdoor Adventures.  If you don’t know Jess, check out this chat I had with her a while back and get to know her. Anyway, she had brought some bug stuff and offered me a container of Sam’s Naturals Campn Stick.

My boys and I were getting eaten alive as darkness settled in and I applied some of the stick to us all. It’s reminiscent of a deodorant stick, which is pretty appropriate since they have a whole line of deodorants I guess (I have yet to try those). It went on smoothly, a little tacky at first but as it warmed up on the skin it was more fluid and spread very evenly & easily. The smell was nice as it’s DEET free and doesn’t have that nasty chemical scent to it. Being vegan and all natural, it of course had ingredients like citronella which are known deterrents, especially for mosquitoes. The smell of citronella and eucalyptus was certainly pervasive, but subtle enough that it wasn’t bothersome.

It seemed to work really well as the bugs started staying away as soon as it was on. I certainly felt good about using it not only for ethical reasons, but I hate putting chemicals and other protectants on my kids that does more harm to them then good. Sure, those other products work but the negatives surely outweigh the positives when it comes to DEET and chemicals like that.

It is surely satisfying knowing that a product that can be effective and still not cause harm to animals in any way yet do what it’s asked to do. I’m going to start looking around locally and see if I can’t find some more products by Sam’s Naturals. I even saw on their site that this offer this in a lotion now, that would be amazing!

I recommend this for you and your family!