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ADK, It’s almost time!

I skipped doing the “Meme Monday” post today. There wasn’t much content posted last week and I didn’t want to just have a bunch of “Meme Mondays” and “Freakin’ Out Friday” posts as the most recent. To be honest, after deciding not to post it I really had no intention of posting at all. Yet here I am, watching Bear Grylls and Shaq hike around the Adirondacks and thinking how beautiful the area is and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be there at the end of the month.

Over the past month or so, as many of you know, I’ve been training for the next Ragnar Relay with Strong Hearts Vegan Power. This will be my third time running a Ragnar, but it will be my first not on Cape Cod; this one is in the Adirondacks.

Similar to Cape, Strong Hearts is sending multiple teams to this Ragnar; 4 teams to be exact! Team A is the elite of elites. While they will be having as much fun as the rest of us, they will be doing it at a much faster clip. These guys and gals are truly elite. They win races all the time. The podium has become a second home for some. Sending a team of elite vegan racers to places such as Ragnar help to disprove the myth that vegans are weak; far from it. This past years Cape Cod Ragnar, the A Team placed 4 overall, and 2nd in their division. Ya… so…

As you can imagine, training for the Adirondacks hasn’t been super easy here on flat ole Cape Cod. When I have found a hill with any sort of elevation, it’s been relentless hill repeats. The road I live on has a couple good one’s, so when not doing repeats I’m just doing loops as often as possible. I have a feeling my hill repeats may not have me completely prepared but I’m going to bust my ass the best I can and make sure my team knows I will not let them down.

A week or so ago I had one of the simpler leg assignments. After a teammate reached out though and said they might be running injured we switched. I went from having 14.8 miles to do over three legs to 19.5 and all mys legs were listed as moderate, moderate and moderate; yet went to hard, very hard and moderate. I love the challenge and again, appreciate the opportunity to get the miles done. I may not be fast, but I can do the miles.

I’m really looking forward to meeting some new teammates and spending time with one’s I’ve already created lasting friendships with. My gratitude to Joel, Dana and other organizers is immense. This team has changed my life and helped solidify the choices I have been making over the past years.

I can’t wait until September 23rd!!

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